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IMPACT Wrestling Results (November 17th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

The Rascalz bid farewell; Eric Young and Joe Doering put IMPACT Wrestling on notice
The Rascalz bid farewell; Eric Young and Joe Doering put IMPACT Wrestling on notice
Greg Bush
Modified 18 Nov 2020
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IMPACT Wrestling Turning Point saw two title changes and a horrifying debut. The landscape has changed in the blink of an eye, and the rollercoaster only gets faster from here. Deonna Purrazzo and The Good Brothers captured gold this weekend, and Big Joe Doering made his return to IMPACT Wrestling, with Eric Young calling the shots.

Tonight, Young and Doering continued to lay waste to IMPACT Wrestling. We also got a Turning Point rematch as Moose faced off against Willie Mack. We saw all of that, plus the final goodbyes of The Rascalz, Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz, and Dezmond Xavier. Dez and Wentz would face Trey and IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Rich Swann in a tag match in our main event.

We kicked things off tonight with Moose and Willie Mack, and the latter had a lot to prove after his gruesome loss at Turning Point.

No DQ Match: Moose vs Willie Mack on IMPACT Wrestling

Willie Mack rushed Moose, barrelling through Mr. IMPACT Wrestling with big elbows and boots to the jaw. The cannonball senton landed in the corner, and Moose was forced to move to the floor.

Moose was bounced around ringside, with Mack slamming his head into the ring posts. However, Moose was able to turn things around when he sent Mack over the barricade onto the concrete floor. The TNA World Champion, much like Turning Point, called out IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Rich Swann throughout the match. Every time Mack screamed in pain, Moose grabbed a camera and told Swann, "This is what pain feels like!"


In the ring, Mack momentarily dazed Moose with a rolling elbow to the face, but a picture-perfect standing dropkick took Chocolate Thunder back down to the mat. Moose stomped out the extremities of the former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion, looking to drag this out as long as possible.

Moose missed a running shoulder tackle in the corner, driving his upper arm into the second turnbuckle by mistake. Mack began to fire up as they traded punches. A series of big clotheslines hurt Moose, but he responded with a pump kick. As Moose bounced off the ropes, he held on to avoid a spinning back kick. Mack still caught him with a Samoan Drop and hit the standing moonsault for a two-count.

Both men fought for a Uranage, but couldn't connect. Mack couldn't get the stunner but hit a big body slam. However, he took too long to get to the top, and Moose avoided the Six Star Frog Splash. Mack countered the Lights Out with a Stunner, but Moose rebounded with the Lights Out anyway.


Moose didn't go for the cover, instead opting to force the ref to stop the match, battering Moose with mounted elbow shots.

Results: Moose defeated Willie Mack via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade; B+

Moose threw a few more shots Mack's way before demanding that his music be played.

We got some highlights of The Rascalz's best moments in The Treehouse. Before they could finish reminiscing, the lights went out, and The Rascalz realized that they'd forgotten to pay the light bill.

We'll say farewell to The Rascalz later on in the main event tonight.

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Published 18 Nov 2020, 08:57 IST
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