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Impact Wrestling Results (October 11th, 2019): Brian Cage is out for blood, Knockouts Title on the line 

Greg Bush
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Published 12 Oct 2019, 10:05 IST
12 Oct 2019, 10:05 IST

Sami Callihan has gone too far
Sami Callihan has gone too far

With Brian Cage currently in jail, Sami Callihan and oVe now have their sights set on Tessa Blanchard again. The group wants to finally rid themselves of the Undeniable One tonight, alongside her tag team partner Daga.

Ace Austin started the night off in a match with Eddie Edwards. Austin has been attempting to tear Alisha Edwards away from her husband as of late, even getting Reno Scum to help drug Impact's Hardcore Hero at Brian Cage & Melissa Santos's wedding.

On his way to the ring tonight, Austin was wearing a new..disgusting shirt, that said "I Just Banged Your Wife" on the back. Austin looked to get into Edwards' head in hopes of moving onto Bound For Glory, where he could popture his first X-Division Championship.

Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards

Edwards and Austin kicked off Impact with a massive brawl, leading to Austin getting dumped to the outside for a plancha. The former World Champion tore off Austin's shirt before crotching him in the ring post and chopping his back.

Austin took over inside the ring, sending Edwards into the corner for a few well-placed boots to the midsection. He took Edwards around ringside where he pelted Edwards with a fan's drink before bringing him back in the ring for a series of kicks to the jaw.

Edwards rebounded off the corner, laying out Austin with a heavy lariat. Austin was left in the corner for a series of rapid-fire chops to the chest. Edwards blocked a super hurricanrana attempt, crotching Austin again on the ring post. A back suplex from the top rope drove Austin neck first into the middle of the mat.

Before Edwards could capitalize, Reno Scum strolled down the ramp. They distracted Edwards, allowing Austin to catch him with an enziguri from his back. A handstand kick rocked the former champion, giving Austin a near fall.


Austin pelted Edwards with some stiff kicks to the face, but was planted again in the middle of the mat, this time with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Before Edwards could finish him off, though, Austin rocked him with a spinning back kick to the jaw, catching him as he ran in for the Boston Knee Party.

Edwards avoided a top rope corkscrew senton and laid out Ace Austin with the Boston Knee Party. Before the ref could count to three, he was yanked out of the ring by Reno Scum. Edwards responded by taking them out with a suicide dive.

Edwards went to the announcer's desk where he'd hidden Kenny. He used the kendo stick to take out Reno Scum, but was caught by Austin's finish, The Fold. Reno Scum distracted the ref again as Ace Austin loaded his wrist brace with a metal bar, using it to knock Edwards unconscious.

Results: Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards via pinfall.

Following the match, Reno Scum connected with a Super Curb Stomp, leaving Edwards twitching on the mat while Ace Austin celebrated his win and his advancement to Bound for Glory.

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