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IMPACT Wrestling Results (November 19th, 2019): Winners, Grades, Video Highlights from the latest IMPACT

Greg Bush
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20 Nov 2019, 09:59 IST

An all-out war to determine the next #1 contender
An all-out war to determine the next #1 contender

Sami Callihan now holds the IMPACT World Championship. All is wrong with the world, as oVe has completely taken over. With the Crists and Madman Fulton at his side, it's hard to believe that anyone will be able to dethrone him in the near future.

Tonight, we'll find out who will be first to try. An incredible six-man gauntlet would main event tonight's show. Tessa Blanchard, Rich Swann, Michael Elgin, Daga, Brian Cage, and Moose all earned their way into this epic match, hoping to be the one to silence Sami Callihan and the rest of oVe.

Before that, we opened with a fantastic four-team tag match featuring some of the best IMPACT had to offer.

An epic 4-team tag match opened IMPACT tonight
An epic 4-team tag match opened IMPACT tonight

The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs The Desi Hit Squad vs The Deaners vs Reno Scum

Adam Thornstowe and Wentz kicked off the show, with Wentz getting into Thornstowe's head early. Tagging Dez in, the Rascalz lit up Thornstowe with a series of kicks, Taunting Luster the Legend all the while.

Thornstowe was able to tag his partner, however, and Scum took out Dez with a Battering Ram. As Thornstowe came back in, he drove Dez's face into Luster's armpit for some nasty Pity City action.

The Deaners and the Desi Hit Squad came in next, with Rohit Raju and Raj Singh tearing apart Cody Deaner. A fireman's carry neckbreaker nearly gave the Squad the pinfall victory over their backwoods rivals.

Deaner made it to his corner where Jake leapt in, lighting up Raju and Singh with some massive clotheslines. Raju, however, escaped a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker attempt for a double foot stomp to the back of the head. Jake recovered, almost driving Raju through the mat with a sit out powerbomb.


Everyone jumped in to break up the pin leading to a brawl that took three teams to the outside. Jake held the ropes open for Deaner to take out their competition, save for Thornstowe, who snuck in behind. Jake countered a suplex attempt, dropping him on all six men below. Following that, Jake dove over the ropes with an incredible dive.

Back inside, Raju faked a dive and was taken out by Wentz, who used Raju for a platform for a senton over the ropes. Dez, not to be out done by his fellow Rascal, connected with a space flying tiger drop.

The Desi Hit Squad recovered, spiking Dez on the inside with an elevated DDT. Jake dumped Singh outside, and the Deaners plaated Raju with a swinging sidewalk slam. Before they could hit the pin, Luster and Thornstowe took out Deaner and set Jake up for their finish. The Rascalz made the save, only to rock big Jake with a double superkick and the Hot Fire Flame for the win.

Results: The Rascalz defeated The Deaners via pinfall.

Grade: B

Following the match, Reno Scum attacked the Rascalz. Trey ran down to make the save, only for X-Division Champion Ace Austin to follow closely behind, laying out Trey with the title. He loaded his wrist brace with a piece of metal before laying him out with a backfist.

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