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Impact Wrestling star Moose taunts Ken Shamrock- 'I don't think MMA is a real sport' (Exclusive)

Riju Dasgupta
01 Sep 2019, 13:29 IST

Moose had some harsh words for his adversary- Ken Shamrock
Moose had some harsh words for his adversary- Ken Shamrock

In a card that was loaded with great matches from top to bottom, Moose picked up a big win against RVD in a fantastic clash at Slammiversary 2019. He seems to have moved on from that clash and is now at odds with UFC Hall of Famer- Ken Shamrock.

I had a chance to interact with Moose and discuss a variety of topics with him. Moose is an individual who slips in and out of kayfabe, and never really minces his words. So, when I bring up a controversial Tweet that Moose posted on Twitter, he speaks his mind:

It's exactly what I said. I don't think MMA is a real sport. I think it's stupid. I think there's no skill. I think anybody could beat anybody on a given day. That's why nobody's been undefeated in that sport because there's no skill involved. I think boxing takes a lot of skill and is an actual real sport!

At this point, I bring up the fact that this is not Moose's first brush with MMA. He had earlier teamed up with Stephan Bonnar to take on Lashley and King Mo at the thirteenth edition of Bound for Glory. Moose replies thus:

It's always good to cross promote. It was great for the sport then and I don't think there's anything wrong with cross promoting wrestlers with MMA fighters. I think that it's good for wrestling!

Of course, the legendary status of Ken Shamrock isn't lost on Moose. He even admits that he was a Shamrock fan, back in the day:

Yeah, I watched a bunch of his matches. I think Ken Shamrock did a lot for wrestling. But that doesn't take away what I think about it now.

I asked him if defeating RVD was the biggest win of his career thus far. Moose calls it just the latest win of his career, undermining the importance of his last match. He goes on to say that he's even reconciled with Eddie Edwards, the man against whom he first turned heel:

Yeah I've got no issue with Eddie. I've moved on from it. He's gone his way. I've gone my way. I have no beef with Eddie Edwards at the moment.

Moose brushes aside the next few questions, about Rhyno with whom he says he has no beef and then about inter-gender matches, whereupon Moose proclaims that he has no qualms about facing women in the ring if the price is right. Finally, I ask him about his comments about Tenille Dashwood coming to Impact Wrestling and joining the roster.

Moose replies:

Welcome to Impact Wrestling

In conclusion, Moose recalls the trip that Impact Wrestling made to India with much fondness:

I have the memories that we made when he went there a few years ago, and Indian fans, I'm hoping to come back soon!

Be sure to catch Moose and Impact Wrestling on SONY ESPN and SONY ESPN HD.

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