Incomparable: 10 Things we learned from Brie and Nikki Bella's memoirs

  • Brie and Nikki Bella lifted the lid on a number of personal stories
  • Brie and Nikki Bella have had a tough life outside of the ring
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Modified 14 May 2020, 01:40 IST

Nikki and Brie revealed some personal stories
Nikki and Brie revealed some personal stories

Nikki and Brie Bella would have been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year if the COVID-19 pandemic didn't force the company to cancel their ceremony ahead of WrestleMania.

Both women are now pregnant and into self-isolation as part of the government guidelines revolving around Coronavirus.

While the Bella Twins are enjoying some much-needed downtime, their memoirs entitled Incomparable were released last week and have lifted the lid on their lives before WWE.

The two women were also able to delve into their past relationships and reveal many stories that they have kept back from the public for the past decade. Some of these stories have moulded the people that Nikki and Brie have become throughout their lives, whilst others where hilarious tales of their time on the road.

#10. Nikki Bella was sexually assaulted twice whilst in college

Nikki Bella revealed a number of personal stories in the memoirs and one of the most harrowing ones was when the former Divas Champion revealed that she was assaulted while in school.

Bella revealed this in her memoirs and later attributed it to being one of the things that made her the person that she later become.

"So when my parents finally divorced when I was fifteen, I lost my virginity—on the floor of a Hyatt hotel room on the 4th of July. “Lost my virginity” is very inaccurate, actually. My virginity was stolen from me, without my consent. I was raped, by a guy I thought was a friend, while I was passed out at a party. I’d had too many beers, and maybe some shots of hard alcohol, and I only woke up because my stomach hurt—I came to, and this guy was both on top of me and inside of me. I pushed him off and ran out of the room—he followed me down the hall and asked me if this meant we were now boyfriend/girlfriend."

#9. Nikki and Brie originally weren't welcome in the locker room

Nikki and Brie had a tough upbringing, but luckily it prepareed them for what was to come when they came to WWE and were not seemingly welcome in the locker room.

The twins explained that because they hadn't put in their time on the Indies, they weren't accepted by the locker room and were forced to dress in the bathroom for a number of months.

There are many unspoken rules enforced by other wrestlers. Depending on who has seniority, it can be really oppressive. It still boggles my mind that they wouldn’t let us change in the locker room when we debuted, for example. Instead we had to change and get ready in the arena bathroom. That happened for the first few weeks, until the office caught us in there and told the girls they had to let us change in the locker room.

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Published 14 May 2020, 01:40 IST
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