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Interview: In conversation with Impact Wrestling's Scott D'Amore & Don Callis

Riju Dasgupta
Published Jan 12, 2018
Jan 12, 2018 IST

Don Callis looks to change the future of Impact Wrestling
Don Callis looks to change the future of Impact Wrestling

To say that Impact Wrestling has had a turbulent 2017 would not do justice to the sea of changes that have occurred in the organization, during the year. The promotion is now being steered under the able guidance of the two Executive Vice Presidents- Scott D'Amore and Don Callis.

I caught up with the two men during a teleconference and had a chance to ask them a couple of questions. The men did not skirt the topics, and answered both questions with the utmost confidence and class.

Scott D'Amore, the last time we spoke, you mentioned that talent can now take their IP outside the company. Soon afterwards, we saw Matt Hardy and Ed Nordholm on Twitter shaking hands. Did the two of you have something to do with this?

Scott D'Amore: Everything we do here, we have a management team in place with Ed Nordholm, Don and me. What we try to do is we make decisions as a group as you are aware from our conversation and from other sources.

We've made a very drastic change in how we handle the IP. We want to empower the wrestlers to feel that they have ownership of that IP and they have the comfort of knowing they'll always be able to use it. So, we sat down as a group.

It's important that all wrestlers, past and present, know that the right is available to them. That the respect, the relationship is available to everyone including Matt Hardy who's a wonderful talent and has a great history with this company.

So, it's great that we'll be able to put that to bed and move forward. We hope to have a great relationship with Matt and the Hardy family like we have for many many years.

We wish them the ultimate success in their great war, wherever it shall take them.


There was a rumour that Moose was injured at the recent round of tapings. Is there any truth to this?

Don Callis: Moose tweaked his knee. He's being evaluated today. But we think he's going to be okay.

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