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Interview: Sonjay Dutt's comments on big changes in Impact Wrestling

Riju Dasgupta
838   //    13 Sep 2017, 12:28 IST

Three creative minds revealed the way forward on this week's GFW Teleconference
Three creative minds revealed the way forward for November and beyond, in this week's GFW Teleconference

This week, we were graced with the presence of X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt, Big John Gaburick and Scott D'Amore -- three men from the GFW creative team -- spearheading the brand to newer horizons.

We were asked not to touch upon the sensitive subject of Jeff Jarrett's 'leave of absence' from the company, and skirted around the issue to discuss various aspects of GFW's creative journey.

Here are some highlights of the interview:

#1 What was the rationale in firing Bruce Prichard as an on-screen figure, at Destination X? Is Prichard still associated behind the scenes, with the company?

Sonjay Dutt: Bruce Prichard was strictly an on-air talent. I think we as a creative team are positively going to look at that (presumably, working with Prichard) and see if that's something we want to go forward with, or if that's not in the creative plans.

We're always going to see fingerprints of Jeff and his expertise and his mindset, going forward. We have a bigger vision that we want to accomplish and we think that it's going to come across post Bound for Glory in the TV (tapings) that's going to be coming up.

#2 Is there any truth to the rumour that Rey Mysterio was supposed to be a part of Bound for Glory?

John Gaburick: Not that I'm aware of. I'm sure we brought up a number of people in conversations that we'd love to have as a part of what we're doing here. Rey's one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation.

So, if the opportunity ever presented itself for Rey to be available, we'd jump at the opportunity. But nothing concrete happened with Rey.


#3 We interviewed Trevor Lee recently, and he said that he's not an X-Division guy but a guy in the X-Division. With the kind of athleticism that superstars like Johnny Impact bring in, do you see a distinction between the two?

Sonjay Dutt: I think there's always going to be divisions in pro wrestling. I think there'll be different belts for every division. I think it's an archaic idea to think one guy couldn't transcend from one division to the other division.

You had a guy like Matt Sydal beat a guy like Bobby Lashley. Stuff like that is something we're trying to hit. The goal is to have an entire roster of talent that you can swap in a role, to carry a company.

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