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An introduction to Kevin Owens (that he refused to do)

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The NXT Champ made quite a statement on Raw

When John Cena made his way to the ring to put forth another Open Challenge for the US title, how many of you actually thought that another NXT star/ alumni will make their way through the curtains. When Kevin Owens’ music hit, surely there were many people who did not who he is. But there were many people who more or less knew why his arrival should be a big deal.

The current, reigning, defending NXT Champion made his way to, seemingly, answer Cena’s challenge. This took place just weeks after Owens delighted the audience at the Albany live event by performing the ‘5-knuckle- shuffle’ on Finn Balor. Say anything you want about Cena’s five moves of doom but the reaction that Owens received from the crowd is testament to where John Cena stands when it comes to legendary status.

Owens created the biggest buzz on Raw this past week, thanks partly to the star- power of John Cena and courtesy majorly to Kevin Owens’ heel-ness. Owens not only came, saw and conquered John Cena but he stomped on the US title to render his championship paramount in the mix of things.

For the benefit of those who don’t know who Kevin Owens actually is, he is the current NXT Champion and is involved in probably the best feud of the year against his former best friend Sami Zayn. He is a prize fighter and everything he’s been doing, according to him, is for the benefit of his family.

Back to The Indies

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In the Indies- Kevin Steen

He’s 31 years old and he was not exaggerating when he said that he’s been in the wrestling industry for the past 15 years. He started training when he was just 14 years old and had his first match on his 16th birthday. He’s wrestled for promotions like CZW and PWG before moving to a relatively bigger league in the indie circuit- Ring of Honor. He won the world championships in all of these promotions. He was known as Kevin Steen.

In his journey from CZW to ROH, Sami Zayn who was then known as El Generico was there by his side as a tag team partner. They won championships, faced each other in classic matches, and stayed best friends. He even wrote most of the storylines during their ROH rivalry.  

And come NXT, they’re again sharing the same space albeit as rivals. Their feud in NXT is not only a masterful story in motion but it has also revolutionized the way the developmental territory is looked upon. Stories like theirs may be the key to making NXT a competitor to WWE.

Steen began his wrestling career in 2000 and he made it to the realm of WWE in 2014. And to think that all of it began after he watched the match between HBK and Diesel from Wrestlemania 11, just goes on to show how long and hard the road’s been for him. It’s been arduous with no guarantees but he’s made it all worth it.


Why he’s special

There can be no doubt even within a doubt that Steen/ Owens was and has remained a fighter. The ‘Fight Steen Fight’ chants have turned to ‘Fight Owens Fight’. He made his mark in developmental within a month of his arrival, had a stellar heel turn, became a champion and began churning out the coolest promo moments ever.

That and nobody can disregard the high quality of his matches. Be it ‘Fight Owens Fight’, ‘Kill Owens Kill’ or even ‘Coach Owens Coach’, Kevin Owens has made his presence felt and it’s been glorious so far.

He’s nonchalant, he’s cool  and casual in tense situations. He’s like a mountain- too tough to displace.

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