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John Cena Diet - What is the secret behind the WWE Superstar's fitness?

John Cena effectively strikes a perfect balance between exercise and diet
Akshay Bapat
Modified 23 Nov 2016, 22:26 IST

Exercise and a healthy diet, go together like a needle and thread. Fitness, without a well-organized and quality nutritional plan, just would not work.

John Cena has one of the most impressive-looking physiques in professional wrestling history and much of the credit for it should be attributed to the balance he has been able to achieve between his rigorous workouts and quality food intake, in the form of a special diet plan.

Cena understands that it takes more than just physical exercise to reach peak physical fitness and eating properly, along with the right amount, is a key factor to attain a flawless physique. John’s diet is the most important aspect that helps him to be in a phenomenal shape, and he prides himself on having the discipline to strictly adhere to the same.

John Felix Anthony Cena was born on 23rd April 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts. John Cena started weight training at a very early age of 12. During his initial years in high school, Cena was far from the physical specimen he later became. He was incredibly lean and weighed merely 120 lbs during his junior high year.

However, by the time he graduated, he bulked up to 235-250 pounds. Before bursting on the scene in the WWE, John Cena pursued a career in bodybuilding. During his late teen years, he started competing professionally, participating in various bodybuilding shows.

During this period, his workouts specifically focused on building muscle mass and gaining size. After his transition into the world of professional wrestling, the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion shifted from his original muscle development training programme to a one that related to endurance, improving athleticism and agility.

As he grew older, he aimed at resisting pain and recovering from injuries.

Cena posing in a bodybuilding show
John Cena during his bodybuilding days

John Cena divides his workout into different days. Each day focuses on different body parts. The nature of his training regimen has changed and evolved over time. Cena acknowledged that, as he is growing older, the manner in which his body responds has changed.


He stressed on the need to adapt those changes, which reflect in the certain methods used during his exercises.

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John Cena’s diet is, as important an aspect, as the work he puts in the gym when it comes to keeping in shape. As hard as he exerts inside the gym, his dietary regime accounts for much of the success behind his perfect frame. The following is the detailed list of food items that the leader of the Cenation consumes at different points of time in a day:

Breakfast.6 Eggwhites, 2 whole Eggs, 100g Oatmeal with Raisins and Apple Sauce (Protein Bar as a gym supplement.
Gym Supplement.Protein Bar.
Lunch.100g Brown Rice, 2 Chicken Breasts and Vegetables.
Snack.Whole Wheat Pita Bread with Tuna Fish.
Evening.Banana and Whey Protein Shake.
Dinner.Brown Rice/Pasta, Salad, Vegetable, Grilled Chicken/Fish.
Supplements.Low-Fat Cottage Cheese, Casein Protein Shake.

Cena’s diet plan broadly consists of seven meals in a day. Those meals are extremely rich in protein. This well-balanced and well-moderated meal plan provides him with the necessary and sufficient minerals, vitamins and proteins, that are essentially for body maintenance.

His breakfast is very egg-heavy and forms an important of his early diet. Oatmeals provide him with high levels of fibre, high proteins and low levels of fat. An easy-to-carry protein bar helps him sneaking in an additional dose of protein into his body

Lunch provides him with varying levels of proteins and other nutrients. Vegetable and chicken form a vital part of his rich diet. His evening meal is very light and only consists of protein shake and a banana. This helps him to be fresh and let his body recuperate for a while.


Vegetable and chicken once again make an appearance, this time during the dinner, which adds, even more protein to his already protein-centered diet plan. He also consumes brown rice/pasta and salad. Casein Protein Shake helps him in maintaining his weight and achieving a greater level of strength.

The diet/nutritional plan demands a particular level of nutrition, at each stage. Cena does everything he can to follow it religiously.

Cena's catchphrase might be 'You Can't See Me' but it is hard to ignore such an impeccable frame

The usual pattern is that it involves Cena, following this diet chart for six days in a week and one day is a ‘cheat day’. The cheat day basically allows Cena the freedom to eat whatever he wants and pleases. When asked about his favourite foods, Cena had the following to say:

“I love steak. I love salmon. I love whole eggs, nuts, deli meats, beans and all kinds of vegetables. That’s usually what occupies of my diet. I love chilli, and these are all the things that I can have.”

Expounding upon his favourite ‘Load day’ foods, Cena said:

“French toast, Blueberry muffins, Bananas or a Slice of Pizza. With the nutritional plan I’m on, one day a week is my ‘load day’ where I can get to eat whatever I want.”


John Cena has also developed a two-month long nutritional and exercise program called ‘BodyChange’. Here is a video of Cena describing BodyChange's nutritional plan:

It is clear that John Cena is very conscious of the fact that diet requires a lot of commitment and patience, but the rewards it reaps is probably enough to keep him motivated. He makes the process of chalking out a diet plan, which can be over-complicated at times, very simplistic and stresses on the sincerity required to live up to the pre-determined goals.

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Published 10 Nov 2016, 20:38 IST
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