John Cena's Workout

Source: WWE’s Instagram
Source: WWE’s Instagram

John Cena (real name: John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.) is an American professional wrestler and entertainer. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers to enter the squared circle ever. Cena, the face of the WWE for over 10 years, is on par with Ric Flair for the most world titles in the organization's history at 16.

From a younger age, John Cena was entranced with weight training and took up the game in his secondary school for a long time at a private boarding school. He later concentrated on practicing bodybuilding physiology at Springfield School, earned his graduation degree, and moved to Los Angeles to seek a profession in the game.

What is John Cena’s Workout Routine?

Day 1Legs and Calves
Day 2Chest
Day 3Arms (Biceps, Triceps, Forearms)
Day 4Shoulders
Day 5Back

Day 1: Legs and Calves

Leg Press520
Standing Bodyweight Calf Raise425
Seated Calf Raise1012-20
Standing Single Leg Curl420
Single Leg Extension310
Leg Extension415
Hack Squat (Super Set)


Day 2: Chest

Pec Dec415
Bench Press310
Incline Bench Press420
Cable Crossovers415
Incline Machine Press420

Day 3: Arms (Biceps, Triceps, Forearms)

Preacher Curl512
Seated Dumbbell Curl310
Rope Pressdown (Superset)320
Lying Tricep Extension6Until Failure
Seated Barbell Tricep Extension320
Standing Barbell Curl310
Standing Cable Curl312
Single Arm Cable Pressdown310
Overhead EZ Bar Extension320
Tricep Dip4Until Failure

Day 4: Shoulders

Rear Delt Machine Flyes520
Machine Lateral Raise520
Dumbbell Lateral Raise312
Machine Overhead Press520
Seated Overhead Press310
Military Press310

Day 5: Back

Lat Pull Down520
One Arm Dumbbell Row512-20
High Pulls420
Barbell Shrug520
Barbell Row520
Pull Up4Until Failure

Abs Training

John Cena trained his abs with these exercises (either or) each day after exercise completion.

Knee to Elbow Planks and Planks315-20/ 1 minute
Abdominal Crunches160

John Cena's Diet Plan

Source: WWE’s Instagram
Source: WWE’s Instagram

Meal 1Oatmeal with applesauce and raisins, 6 egg whites, and 2 whole eggs.
Meal 2Bars of Protein
Meal 32 chicken breasts with Brown rice with vegetables
Meal 4Tuna with whole wheat pita bread
Meal 5A hey protein shake and Banana
Meal 6Brown rice or pasta, salad, vegetables, fish or chicken
Meal 7Casein protein shake with low-fat cottage cheese

What is the size of John Cena's biceps and chest

John Cena's biceps are around 19 inches in size, while his Chest is around 50 inches. He is seen as one of the biggest guys in WWE and his biceps are literally huge in comparison to his foes.


Q. How many times does John Cena train in a week?

A. John Cena trains 5 days a week.

Q. What meal plan does John Cena follow?

A. John Cena follows 7 meal plans in a day.

Q. How many world titles does John Cena have?

A. John Cena has 16 world titles.

Q. At what age John Cena started bodybuilding?

A. At the age of 12, John Cena started bodybuilding.

Q. Does John Cena owns a gym?

A. John Cena owns Hard Nock’s South gym.