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John Cena explains why he was wrong about The Rock

08 Nov 2019, 09:06 IST

The Rock and Cena
The Rock and Cena

WWE veteran John Cena recently sat down with Sports Illustrated to promote his new movie, "Playing with Fire". Cena discussed a string of Pro Wrestling topics, and also stated that he was wrong when he accused The Rock of not loving the company that made him a star.

The Rock's WWE success and jump to Hollywood

The Rock originally came to WWE as Rocky Maivia, a bland babyface who wasn't cut out for the rabid and no-nonsense environment of Pro Wrestling at the time. He was later repackaged as The Rock, and this new character was a perfect fit for WWE's new direction. Along with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock became a megastar in WWE and headlined multiple WrestleMania events. The Rock's mic work and charisma led to him being offered movie roles one after the other. The Rock soon turned into a part-time star and left WWE for around seven years after his WrestleMania 20 appearance in 2004.

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Cena says he was wrong about The Rock

The Rock's return in 2011 resulted in a legendary rivalry with Cena, which gave us two back-to-back WrestleMania main events. Cena was highly critical of The Rock during the buildup to their first 'Mania match, and accused him of turning his back on WWE for a career in Hollywood. While speaking with SI, Cena opened up on his comments on The Rock that he made all those years ago, and added that he was wrong about The Great One.

"I've told Dwayne Johnson that when I called him out for a lack of love for WWE, I was wrong. I was ignorant. He loves WWE, but he goes from shooting one project to the next. He blazed a trail and I didn't understand that, but now I totally understand.
"When you're filming, there is simply no way to be with WWE. You just can't. Even when we don't film on Sundays, if I come back for a weekend show and get hurt or break my nose, I could jeopardize the entire film."

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