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50 best John Cena memes of all time

Akshay Bapat
22.00K   //    12 Oct 2016, 16:39 IST
The Cenation leader has been the subject of numerous memes over the past 5 years

John Cena is arguably the most polarising professional wrestler of all time and he is as close to a household name as you can get in the past decade. But is there anything more popular than John Cena? Yes and that’s memes related to Cena.

Cena has been the subject of many funny memes over the past 5 years when the trend and popularity of memes really gained traction. At first, these were only restricted to message boards but now they are ubiquitous. One can find them on a multitude of social media platforms like Facebook, Vine,Twitter and Instagram.

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The latest addition to the long list of memes involving the 15-time World champion is the ‘Unexpected Cena’ or ‘….and it’s John Cena’ or ‘It’s John Cena’ which became viral in 2015 and covered by numerous sports publication like Sports Illustrated and Uproxx.

This meme was primarily used across on Vine and on short YouTube videos which involved a completely unrelated video clip ending with a cacophonous introduction of John Cena’s music or John Cena himself being morphed into one of the characters from the video for humorous effect.

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On this note, let’s take a look at some of the best memes dedicated to Big Match John!

The ever so popular ‘It's John Cena’ has conditioned people towards that
Two age-appropriate versions – Cenation leader and Doctor of Thuganomics

Certainly not applicable today but surely at one point

John Cena loves the fans!

This is one of the many you're going to see on this list

This fella first appeared at Wrestlemania 26

Told you there are more to come

Are you for real?

Even John Cena has to comply

Hard to disagree,eh Ruthless Agression era fans?
Slick, John. Very slick

Good guy John

Interesting theory

Poor AJ Lee


These never get old
One of the most popular Cena related memes of all time
I think he got it right
Cena just being honest

A doctor with an earnest request to the other
SMH Cena!

Bad Luck John!



The much awaited John Cena heel turn
Vince’s dream more so

Hardly a surprise
Unless his name is AJ Styles

Be a Star, John

These use to rule Internet a few years back
Somethings are hard to believe!
No one does it better than Cena

These last ten entries are some of the best ‘Unexpected John Cena’ memes of all time:


Vine by no chill will



Do fish even wrestle? okay jack #JohnCena
Vine by Dingus Drew


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