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John Cena talks about catering to grownups, CM Punk talks watching WWE, more

Ratish Menon
6.25K   //    18 Mar 2015, 11:50 IST
John Cena talks about getting his adult fix through movies

- In a recent interview with USA Today, John Cena talked about his acting career and spoke about about playing edgier characters like in Judd Apatow’s Trainwrecked:

“I’m trying to get my fix of the non-PG racy stuff with the movie parts that I choose. I had to take a break from movies for a while to redefine where I wanted to go, but now I get my aspirational fill from being a part of the WWE family, and I can pick and choose these small, really fun movie roles where I still get to be an adult.”

- Post UFC 185 weekend, has more details from CM Punk. Punk spoke about not watching pro wrestling, except for what his wife AJ Lee may tell him he should see. he claimed to have not watched WWE programming since he left WWE in 2014. When asked about it, he said:

“Nope. She’ll tell me when I should watch something, like something she’s excited about it, but she never does.”

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