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Jon Moxley reveals possible AEW Championship plans

Karan Bedi
Published Nov 27, 2019
Nov 27, 2019 IST

He has some words for Jericho
He has some words for Jericho

Jon Moxley sat down with radio station 101WKQX to discuss his infamous match with Kenny Omega, his wife's reaction to it as well as what the future holds for him in AEW. Eventually, he was asked whether he and Chris Jericho would ever meet for that title, and Moxley responded by saying that Jericho knows better and will not "f**k' with him.

Moxley did however put over Chris Jericho as the potential Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T), stating that Jericho is on his way to becoming the best. He further said,

"Chris Jericho is a very, very, smart man. He's one of the smartest guys in the business. That's why he's been at the top of this industry for so long and he's drifting towards being a legitimate GOAT. So, what I mean by that, is Jericho ain't dumb. He ain't going to f**k with me."

The segment can be seen at 10:00 in the video below:

Moxley vs Jericho has been seen before in the WWE, when Moxley fought under the name Dean Ambrose. That said, it would be interesting to see how the rivalry plays out in AEW, where the two would be left to their own devices.

At the moment, Moxley is just looking to inflict pain and destroy anyone who gets in his way on AEW Dynamite.

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