Karrion Kross to be replaced as the leader, Absent former champion - 4 WWE stars who could join The Final Testament

The Final Testament could grow on WWE SmackDown
The Final Testament could grow on WWE SmackDown

Karrion Kross has tried to make an impact in WWE for years. He first took over NXT before joining the main roster, but things didn't go as expected, and he was quickly released. Kross then returned to the company in 2022, where he hasn't quite made it to the top like many would have hoped.

Things could be changing, however. Kross has assembled a new stable that looks to dominate World Wrestling Entertainment. The faction had been rumored and speculated about for several weeks, but it officially debuted last Friday during SmackDown.

The group is known as The Final Testament. So far, Kross is joined, as always, by Scarlett. Additionally, Paul Ellering helps run the group, and he has brought The Authors of Pain back along with him. The stable has five members total, with Paul, Karrion, Scarlett, Akam, and Rezar.

While the group being five members deep could mean that it won't grow much, there's still a chance that the faction could further expand. In this article, we will look at four stars of World Wrestling Entertainment who could still potentially join.

Below are four WWE stars who could join The Final Testament.

#4. Dexter Lumis is lost in the shuffle in WWE

Dexter Lumis is a former NXT star.
Dexter Lumis is a former NXT star.

Dexter Lumis is one of the most underused superstars in WWE. While he had a solid run on NXT, it appears his time on Monday Night RAW has never truly taken off the way that many would have hoped for. He did have a fun run with Johnny Gargano, but it was short-lived.

Unfortunately, Lumis has been absent for quite some time. His last bout in WWE was on the May 29th, 2023 edition of Main Event. Meanwhile, his last notable bout was in March, a few months prior.

The creepy stalker Lumis can either be a comedy figure or a haunting one. While he was last seen as a funny character, Dexter tapping into his darker mindset as a member of The Final Testament could be quite entertaining moving forward. If nothing else, it would finally give him something to do on TV.

#3. Joe Gacy could join the main roster

Joe Gacy is a surprising athlete. While he looks like a bruiser, he is also deceptively agile. Beyond that, he can play a complete psychopath or a more reserved character, depending on what is necessary.

The talented Gacy is no stranger to factions in WWE. He was previously the leader of The Schism, which also featured Ava, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid. When the latter two left the company, the stable dissolved.

Since Gacy can wrestle well and talk as well as most performers on the microphone, he'd be useful for just about any role in The Final Testament. Exactly what he'd do remains to be seen, but he could be a masterful mid-card act while Kross elevates to the top of the card.

#2. Nikki Cross is spinning her wheels

Nikki Cross is far more successful than many fans realize. She is a former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, 24/7 Champion, and RAW Women's Champion. Nikki even won the Money in the Bank briefcase when she competed as Nikki A.S.H.

Unfortunately, Cross appears to be in a holding pattern of some kind on WWE Monday Night RAW. While she had a fair bit of momentum upon first returning to The Twisted Sister persona, lately, Nikki Cross either only appears in the background or doesn't show up at all.

As a result, a refresh of sorts could be what she needs. Nikki joining The Final Testament would be completely fresh, as she hasn't been part of a stable since she last appeared with Sanity in NXT.

#1. Bo Dallas could take over the leadership role as Uncle Howdy

Uncle Howdy and Bobby Lashley
Uncle Howdy and Bobby Lashley

Bo Dallas is one of the biggest question marks in WWE and pro wrestling today. The talented performer was released by the company but secretly returned to team up with Bray Wyatt as the spooky Uncle Howdy.

Tragically, Bray Wyatt passed away last year. He disappeared from television ahead of WrestleMania, which was due to lingering health issues. As a result, Howdy also disappeared. He has yet to appear on television despite being a part of the company.

Interestingly, WWE could swerve wrestling fans and have Uncle Howdy replace Karrion Kross as the leader of the dark stable. This doesn't necessarily mean Karrion would be removed from the group, but instead, Bo Dallas would lead. This would almost reinvent the rumored Wyatt 6 stable.