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Kenny Omega reveals the real reason why he lost to PAC at AEW All Out (Exclusive)

  • Kenny Omega caught up with Sportskeeda for an exclusive interview. #AEW #AEWrestling #KennyOmega
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 01 Apr 2020, 17:29 IST

The world is still reeling after the extremely unexpected result
The world is still reeling after the extremely unexpected result

It's been a whirlwind twenty-four hours since the reports of Kenny Omega taking a shot at NXT talent went public, hours after the black and gold brand went live on USA Network. But there was a lot more in that interview than the one remark, and perhaps the most interesting thing concerned his loss to PAC at All Out.

Like in the pieces that preceded this one, I'd like to thank Andruew Tang (SPW) for conducting the interview and to Vinayak Sodhi (Wrestle Square) for setting the whole thing up. The Wednesday Night Wars are officially underway and it's a great time to be a fan of sports entertainment.

Just to give you guys an overview of the match, Jon Moxley was supposed to originally face off against Omega, but unfortunately, had to pull out days before the match owing to an unfortunate injury. PAC, whom you may know as Neville from his WWE run, would show up and take Omega on in a solid clash.

The way the match ended is what made buzz worldwide, as Omega passed out to the dreaded Brutalizer move. Omega weighed in on the same, during the said interview:

Look. So, I lost to PAC. Big deal. Big deal. Look at the guy. He's in incredible shape. One of the greatest of all time. One of the best in the world. And he surprised me. What am I supposed to say? Am I going to tell you I was focused on PAC? No. Is that an excuse? No. I wasn't focused on you.

Omega would go on to reveal the reason why he lost the match:

I was thinking all night long about Jon Moxley. What would he have been doing in these situations? What would this match be like? Would I be doing this kind of athletic wrestling style with Jon Moxley? Would I be showing everyone my technical ability like I showed with PAC? No!

Omega went on to have a very different kind of match than he expected to:

I was preparing myself for a fight on that night. That's how I honed my body. That's how I trained. And then instead, you pull the rug out from under me and you send me PAC. Pretty much the greatest high-flier of all time. Technical mastermind. Some dude who's coming in completely fresh.

But the loss doesn't bother Omega:

Yeah, of course I'm going to lose. I don't even care. See if I care. I was preparing for you, Jon. I'm not even gunning for the belt anymore. I'm gunning for you. What's my win-loss record, against you? Huh? Right now I think it's 1-0.

Well, fans certainly don't have to wait long for the clash. It comes our way very soon indeed.

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Published 20 Sep 2019, 10:14 IST
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