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King Corbin compares WWE and the NFL

Published 08 Jan 2020, 08:07 IST
08 Jan 2020, 08:07 IST

Corbin bested Shorty G in the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament.
Corbin bested Shorty G in the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament.

Like many current and former wrestlers, Baron Corbin's journey to WWE started in another sport. While he was also heavily involved in boxing, the King of the Ring winner originally had aspirations of making it in the NFL. Prior to the upcoming playoff game between his hometown Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans, Corbin spoke with ChiefsWire about the transition from the NFL to the WWE.

A daily grind

Both American Football in the NFL and professional wrestling require total commitment and dedication. When Superstars like Seth Rollins say that they "eat, drink, sleep and dream" about wrestling, they aren't kidding.

While several players who might not make it into the NFL still have a chance at pro wrestling, there are similarities between the two sports according to Corbin.

"I think the mentality you get when you try to make the NFL is a long, hard enough road that thousands of college football players are trying to get to the NFL. There are 32 teams, [53]-man rosters. It’s tough to get to that level. You have to have that dedication from the second you wake up to the second you go to bed. You have to table every aspect of your life around finding success getting to that level, and I think that helps me to make the transition because I understand the sacrifice in the grind to getting to the elite level."

Since WWE is often seen as the end goal for most professional wrestlers, it is often compared to the journey of getting to a pro sports league like the NFL. Corbin feels that having the right mentality is paramount in succeeding in both sports.

"The WWE is the No. 1 place to be for a guy who wants to be a superstar, and it’s not easy. There are people all over the world that are trying to get here and continually trying to get here. Once you get here, you can’t get complacent — you have to continue on the grind to make yourself better to keep people interested in what you’re doing. Just that mentality and hard work is the biggest thing that helps from NFL to WWE."

The top of the game

The mentality to be the best is what makes stars like Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Drew Brees, Seth Rollins and many other pro athletes so special. Getting to the dance is one thing but staying there and competing at the highest of levels is not something everyone can do.

Corbin is on his way to becoming one of the best heels of the current generation thanks to the mindset he has crafted from the NFL to WWE.

Modified 08 Jan 2020, 08:07 IST
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