"Kissed me in the dream" - When current WWE star confessed to being attracted to Fandango despite being married to another superstar

WWE SmackDown star Natalya (left) and Fandango (right)
WWE SmackDown star Natalya (left) and Fandango (right)

In 2006, Fandango joined WWE. Over the next 15 years, the 39-year-old shared the locker room with several female superstars, including Natalya.

During an episode of Total Divas, the former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion confessed to being attracted to Fandango despite being married to TJ Wilson (aka Tyson Kidd). She even disclosed to Cameron that the former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion kissed her in a dream.

"I don't know. Tell me if I'm crazy but everytime at work I see Fandango, he always just like, lately especially, he has been making like the time to talk to me and ask me how I'm doing. I don't want to get into it but let me tell you about it vaguely, briefly. I had a dream about him the other night and the dream that I had wasn't sexual. He like, he kissed me in the dream (...) I know TJ is the one and only person for me. But we can still think other people are attractive," she said. [0:35 - 1:23]

Natalya has been in a romantic relationship with TJ Wilson since 2001. The WWE couple dated for about 12 years before tying the knot in June 2013. Their wedding was featured in the first season of Total Divas. While The Queen of Harts is still an active competitor on SmackDown, her husband is now a backstage producer.


TJ Wilson hilariously scolded his wife Natalya over sharing a NSFW photo on social media. Check out the details here.

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WWE released Fandango in 2021

After spending 15 years as an active competitor in the Stamford-based company, Fandango, alongside his Breezango partner Tyler Breeze, was released from his contract in June 2021 due to budget cuts.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, the former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion opened up about his release.

"I started to think like that. When the Covid cuts came, like, we're definitely out of here. Then we never got fired, and I'm like, maybe I'll just keep working here and I'll be the next Brooklyn Brawler, you know. I'll retire when I'm 60. But then, when [Nick] Khan came in, is that his name? He started cleaning house and I think Breeze and I were still on some main roster contract pay scale, so I kind of knew, I think we both kind of knew it was coming. It sucks because you're not getting paid as much, obviously. For me it was exciting because I can go off and do some different stuff, you know. You can't work at the same place forever, man," he said. [H/T: ClutchPoints]

Fandango believes WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H "went to bat" to prevent him from getting released. Check out his comments here.

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