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Kurt Angle reveals original WrestleMania 36 retirement plans with 13-time WWE Champion

Karan Bedi
Published Jan 10, 2020
Jan 10, 2020 IST

It made sense!
It made sense!

It was the dream match that everyone was clamouring for at WrestleMania 35 and it could have happened at WrestleMania 36. Vince McMahon wanted Kurt Angle to wrestle another year and his last opponent could have been John Cena.

Angle revealed to Chris Van Vliet that he wanted to wrestle against Cena last year, but as he was already in a storyline with Baron Corbin, Mr. McMahon told him that if he was going to retire, it would be with Corbin.

When Vliet pressed Angle on the Cena being his last match, he said that it was in consideration for WrestleMania 36. He said:

"Because I wanted to retire early and Vince McMahon wanted me to continue the storyline with Baron, there was no possible way. What was ironic was when I got to WrestleMania, I did my throwback to my Team Angle when I wore the hoodie and Cena did his throwback gimmick, we never talked to each other. We just walked up to each other and said...what are you doing? That was way back in 2003 and that would have been cool to bring that back and wrestle John."

Angle also said that Corbin is a great wrestler and really good at his job. Mostly, Angle said that he was happy with the way he retired.

You can watch the segment starting at 6:00

While Angle seemed satisfied with his retirement, WWE fans would have loved to have seen Cena do the honors instead of Corbin. If Angle had been in better shape, things would have been different for the Olympic Gold Medalist.

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