LA Knight's finisher: What does BFT stand for in WWE?

LA Knight performs on the SmackDown brand.
LA Knight performs on the SmackDown brand.

LA Knight's finisher is as over as the Megastar himself in WWE. The 40-year-old star pops a thunderous reaction from the crowd whenever he plants his opponent with the BFT on the canvas. But what does BFT stand for in WWE?

Knight's finisher, BFT, is abbreviated for ‘Blunt Force Trauma.’ To execute the move, Knight grabs his opponent's head in a stunner-like position. The landing itself, however, is different from Stone Cold Steve Austin’s iconic finisher because it doesn’t require Knight to land on his thighs like Austin.

What the Megastar does, on the contrary, is he grabs his opponent by the head and uses their momentum to send them face first or head-first, if you take the name of the finisher into account – into the mat.

You can think of the move as some sort of an amalgamation of the stunner and the Skull Crushing Finale by The Miz.

Here’s an excellent video of former WWE star Stevie Richards breaking down LA Knight's finisher.

Speaking of The Miz, he was once again on the receiving end of BFT on WWE RAW tonight. The former WWE Champion didn’t expect Knight to show up during his match against Akira Tozawa on the red brand this week.

LA Knight's finisher gets the best of The Miz

The Miz cost LA Knight his number-one contender’s match for the United States Championship last Friday on SmackDown. The A-Lister distracted Knight long enough for Austin Theory to pick up the win.

LA Knight returned the favor by showing up on WWE RAW tonight. The Slim Jim Battle Royal winner arrived to his usual huge pop from the Canadian crowd at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City. His interference caused The Miz to lose the match to Akira Tozawa.

After the match was over, Knight got in the ring and took out The Miz with the BFT. It remains to be seen if the two will enter into a match at Payback 2023 or, better yet, square off in a tag team match at WWE Superstar Spectacle.

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