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Lilian Garcia reveals how the Women's Revolution started, what the next step is [Exclusive]

Gary Cassidy
Modified 08 Feb 2020, 21:01 IST
Lilian Garcia opened up about how the Women
Lilian Garcia opened up about how the Women's Revolution happened

Lilian Garcia is one of the most recognizable voices in the world of wrestling and with 20 years of experience in the wrestling industry, WWE's legendary ring announcer has pretty much seen it all.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Lilian Garcia to discuss a variety of subjects, not least the current state of women's wrestling!

Check out the full interview via the video below, or read the entire article here.

When I asked Lilian which women from past eras could thrive in today's WWE product, the legendary ring announcer would say that a lot of them could, pinpointing just why the evolution happened when it did - time.

I feel like, now, the women get such an opportunity to really showcase their talents, so they're given the time, and time in the ring helps them be able to hone their craft - and I feel like if the women back then had been given the same amount of time, we would have even seen them evolve even more - but you look at Trish Stratus, for example, she came into this era and she showed that, boom, she could totally handle it!

Garcia, though, took nothing away from the women who are currently thriving in WWE, praising them for stepping into the opportunity.

There's a lot of them that have done that, but it's the opportunity that now they have that's incredible, and I'm just really proud that not only have they stepped into the opportunity but they've shown that they really belong there and that they can do what the men do and be as entertaining.

But how do we continue to move forward?

I think what's really important is to not set the women apart. In other words, make it normal. Like, it's expected that, yeah, they would have a Royal Rumble, or yeah, they would have an Elimination Chamber match and do great. It's just expected because they're just great athletes, not just because they're women doing the sport.

The WWE legend, though, would go on to say that some things just HAVE to be celebrated.

Do I agree that there are moments that you HAVE to celebrate and the Saudi Arabia moment is something to celebrate? Absolutely! I mean, that's a huge wall to break over there and I think that's incredible.

But when will true equality come?

When it just becomes normal that we see the women in these moments, I think that's when you'll really see the evolution. We don't say, "And here's the Men's World Champion," you know?

You can read the entire interview here.

You can follow Lilian Garcia on Twitter here, and check out Chasing Glory at, via @ChasingGlory on Instagram, or via YouTube here.

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Published 08 Feb 2020, 21:01 IST
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