Liv Morgan must make Dominik Mysterio jealous by helping 8-time WWE champion win the World Heavyweight Title

Liv Morgan is the 3rd Women
Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio [Image source:]

Liv Morgan is playing interesting games on Monday Night RAW, and Dominik Mysterio may be falling for it. While Dom Dom isn't convinced about the affection Morgan is showing him, he seems to be gloating over the notion that women want him.

Well, the Women's World Champion might want to teach him a lesson. Morgan could side with another superstar to make Dominik Mysterio jealous. Currently, the best choice for that is eight-time WWE champion Finn Balor (one-time Universal Champion, two-time NXT Champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion, one-time US Champion, two-time RAW Tag Team Champion, and two-time SmackDown Tag Team Champion).

Finn Balor has already indicated an alliance with Liv Morgan

Fans have seen Dominik Mysterio's interactions with Liv Morgan, but no one knows why Balor and Morgan exited the same car on RAW last month. If they were in the same car, the duo must have had some conversation.

Hence, Balor arriving to save Mysterio from Morgan during the latest episode of Monday Night RAW could be a part of another trick by Morgan to eventually bring her and The Prince out of the woodwork. If she notices that Dirty Dom isn't warming up to her as much as she'd like, the Women's World Champion can side with Balor to try and make Dominik jealous.

Liv Morgan can help The Prince become the World Heavyweight Champion

Ever since Damian Priest won the World Heavyweight Championship, there has been a visible tension between The Archer of Infamy and Finn Balor. The Prince is the inaugural WWE Universal Champion. However, he has not won a world title since 2016.

With Money in the Bank 2024 coming up, it's expected that Balor will enter the Ladder Match. So, if he wins the briefcase, Liv Morgan could help him dethrone Damian Priest. If Morgan helps Finn Balor become the World Heavyweight Champion, it could make Mysterio jealous and also give him the incentive to trust Morgan and align with her.

Dominik Mysterio needs the final push to betray Rhea Ripley

So, WWE fans have seen Liv Morgan k*ss Dirty Dom and cross PG-rated boundaries with him. Among all of these incidents, not once did Mysterio stop the Women's World Champion.

Currently, he may be convinced that Morgan only has eyes for him, but she can prove him wrong in the blink of an eye. If Liv successfully makes him jealous by choosing Balor, Mysterio can get convinced to betray Rhea Ripley and kickstart the next chapter of The Judgment Day!

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