Logan Paul to win the WWE Championship in the coming year? Controversial storyline pitch could become a reality soon!

WWE star Logan Paul has fought in five premium live events
WWE star Logan Paul has fought in multiple premium live events

Logan Paul’s’ rookie years in WWE couldn’t have been any better. His jaw-dropping high-flying moves and incredible agility have commanded respect from the WWE Universe. Following his critically acclaimed match against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39, he inked a multi-year contract and is now aiming for bigger feats.

The Maverick is a controversial figure, but his wrestling prowess is undeniable. Given that he is constantly fighting top stars, it won’t be a surprise if WWE decides to give him his moment of glory soon. Paul's massive presence on social media and the sports entertainment industry could be a major advantage for the Stamford promotion.

Logan Paul is among the many names rumored to win the 2023 Money in the Bank, according to former commentator Sam Roberts. The 39-year-old gave his viewpoint on how putting the briefcase on the celebrity star, who boasts over 25 million followers on Instagram, could give exposure to the WWE product. This would be the opposite of what fans want, so he could stall the cash-in while defining his heel persona.

“Logan Paul is in this position now where he's had big matches. He's proven what he can do," said Sam Roberts. "He has to operate at a top level in order to be worth the investment that's being made in Logan Paul. So how do you operate up there? You have him go to this pay-per-view and win the Money in the Bank briefcase," he said.

Logan couldn't dethrone Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel last year. Thus, the potential Money in the Bank briefcase winner could be pitted in a redemption arc.

The threat of Paul popping out of nowhere, striking The Bloodline off-guard, and winning the WWE Title will add to the hype of each appearance by Roman Reigns.

Logan Paul is determined to win a WWE Championship in his next run

The Maverick is up for a challenge in the upcoming months. He is aware of his impact on the wrestling world, with fans constantly lauding his performance. Paul has promised to get “creative” to be the best sports entertainer in history.

Speaking of being a champion, Paul did claim that he wouldn't have continued wrestling if he thought he couldn’t win the gold.

“The idea with this multiyear contract was to get really creative around the story that we're telling as my professional wrestling career unfolds. Being the hyperambitious person that I am, I'm going for a belt...'I'd love to have it on my résumé, and I'd love to show every kid around the world who watches WWE that you can achieve anything." (H/T ESPN)

A frequent boxer, Logan Paul hasn’t ruled out a return to the squared circle. It remains to be seen how the "hyper-ambitious" entertainer forges his future.

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