Roman Reigns' former rival should win the Money in the Bank briefcase, claims WWE panelist 

Money In The Bank takes place on Saturday July 1st.
WWE Money in the Bank takes place on Saturday, July 1st, at the O2 Arena in London.

With Logan Paul having impressed against top WWE stars like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins recently, company panelist and media personality Sam Roberts believes the YouTuber is ready for his biggest win yet.

Despite having his critics, the 28-year-old has proven to be a steady hand in the ring, with him providing show-stealing moments at many premium live events over the past 12 months.

Speaking on his show Not Sam Wrestling, Sam Roberts stated why Logan Paul should win the Money in the Bank ladder match, which entitles him to a world title bout any time he wants for up to a whole year.

"This is a man who, while holding the briefcase, would have the WWE held hostage because the idea of him being WWE Champion is so antithetical to what the WWE Universe wants," said Roberts, adding: "Logan Paul is in this position now where he’s had big matches. He’s proven what he can do. Logan Paul has to operate at a top level in order to be worth the investment that’s being made in Logan Paul. So how do you operate up there? You have him go to this pay-per-view and win the Money in the Bank briefcase." [H/T WrestlingInc]

This year, the Money in the Bank Premium Live Event will be going overseas. The high-stakes show will take place at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday, July 1st.

Former WWE manager praises Logan Paul

Earlier this month at WrestleMania 39, the YouTuber-turned-pro wrestler faced off against Seth Rollins. While he did not win the match, Logan proved once again that he can hang with the company's best performers.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell (a.k.a. Zeb Colter) stated that Logan was born to wrestle and that he complimented Rollins well in the ring.

"He was born for it. Come right off, great spot, and I think this helps Seth Rollins because it damn sure didn't hurt him. I think this victory means a lot on the big stage, and we'll see where it leaves him. I think WWE left WrestleMania in the best shape that I've ever seen them leave one." [6:16-6:45, H/T Sportskeeda]


Following WrestleMania 39, Logan Paul announced that he has signed a new contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, meaning he will be around for the foreseeable future.

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