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Madman Fulton on World Championship aspirations, Sami Callihan & more [Exclusive]

  • "Now I'm the one causing all the havoc." Fulton has confirmed he has two years on his contract, and claims he'll soon be World Champion.
Gary Cassidy
Modified 04 Mar 2020, 16:41 IST

Photo credit: IMPACT Wrestling
Photo credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Not many talents have made such a big impression in IMPACT Wrestling in such a short space of time as Madman Fulton. Having only joined the company one year ago, oVe's resident big man spent much of 2019 honing his craft and making the IMPACT locker room his home.

Now, with two years left on his contract and his sights firmly set on the IMPACT World Championship, Fulton opens up like never before on just why he's loving being a part of the company, his friendship with Sami Callihan, and wanting to go toe-to-toe with Michael Elgin!

The first thing I need to ask is a question I feel I can ask everyone in IMPACT Wrestling now - but for good reason. The morale in the locker room seems like it's a skyhigh, it seems like everyone is really excited to go to work which is something a few talents have said. Is that something you feel and, if so, what do you think the reason is for it?

You know, I think one of the coolest things about the locker room is based on the stigma that TNA, the stink TNA left. It really improves a lot of people, people wanted this company to succeed and they fell short, they fell short. And to see what Don (Callis) and Scott (D'Amore) did to turn this around, and to see little bits of our hard work paying off - we have bigger venues, more opportunities, there's big contracts being put out - that resonates with the locker room.

We have a group of men and women who want to build something, we want to make something special. There's an opportunity to have professional wrestling that's completely different from WWE or AEW. It's a new sort of programme and they let us go out and just have matches the way that we want to do them.

To provide that freedom, it's different to a lot of the places I've worked, there is not so much trying to step on each other's heads to put each other down. They want to have great matches, great professional wrestling, everyone is trying to lift everyone up that ladder because... It was actually Moose who said it to me, "The higher we can pull everyone up the ladder, the better opponents we'll have for matches down the road."

It's not just one or two people thinking that, it's the whole roster of people working together to build something new and exciting, and I think that's why everyone really comes together as a group and tries so hard on IMPACT.

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Published 04 Mar 2020, 16:41 IST
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