Major debut, surprise turn, and more - 4 possible finishes to Roxanne Perez vs. Jordynne Grace at WWE NXT Battleground

WWE's Roxanne Perez will clash with TNA's Jordynne Grace [Images courtesy the stars' X accounts]

WWE has had a handful of big premium live events since WrestleMania 40. Backlash: France was the first, which featured an incredible crowd and a memorable card. The 2024 King and Queen of the Ring was next, which was another great show.

NXT's first big premium live event post-Stand and Deliver is set to take place in June. For awhile now, fans have been eagerly anticipating who Roxanne Perez's challenger will be for the NXT Women's Championship. Several intriguing names were thrown around, but nobody saw the actual reveal coming.

NXT General Manager introduced Roxanne's opponent during last night's show and it was revealed to be TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace. This sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling industry, but especially on the NXT brand.

Many are now wondering how the bout will conclude. Both Jordynne and Roxanne are extremely talented, but they're also both champions. How could the match end? This article will take a look at a handful of possible finishes.

Below are four possible finishes to Roxanne Perez vs. Jordynne Grace at WWE NXT Battleground.

#4. Roxanne Perez may cheat to defeat Jordynne

Roxanne Perez celebrates with title
Roxanne Perez celebrates with title

Roxanne Perez is one of the most successful female performers in modern WWE NXT history. She is a former NXT Breakout Tournament winner and Women's Tag Team Champion. She is also a two-time and current NXT Women's Champion.

She won the title from Lyra Valkyria at NXT Stand & Deliver. She has since successfully retained it against Lyra, Tatum Paxley, Chelsea Green, and Natalya. This means she has defeated both main roster WWE stars and top NXT performers.

Roxanne hasn't beaten everybody exactly straight up, but she always finds a way to succeed. When Perez clashes with The Juggernaut, the undersized performer may need to cheat to defeat Jordynne. A belt shot behind the referee's back or the use of ring ropes as leverage for a pin seem like Roxanne's best chance at victory.

#3. Jordynne Grace could shockingly win a WWE Title while working for TNA

As noted, Jordynne Grace is the reigning TNA Knockouts Champion. This is the talented performer's third time holding the prized title. She defeated WWE's Naomi, then known as Trinity in TNA, to win the gold.

Since winning TNA's top belt for the female performers, Jordynne has defended the gold successfully against numerous opponents. This includes Xia Brookside, Steph De Lander, Gisele Shaw, and Naomi herself. Jordynne is turning back all challengers.

In a move that would shock WWE fans and the world of pro wrestling as a whole, The Juggernaut may shockingly defeat Roxanne Perez at NXT Battleground. Jordynne's power may be too much for the NXT Women's Champion to overcome. This will then allow for Grace to pick up a pinfall victory and become a double champion.

#2. Roxanne Perez could win and Giulia could debut and confront her

There have been a lot of rumors for months now regarding WWE and the company's relationship with international star Giulia. These have only intensified when the Japanese performer was seen sitting in the crowd at NXT Stand & Deliver during the WrestleMania weekend.

While she's currently dealing with an injured wrist, many believe that Giulia will be Roxanne Perez's next major opponent after Jordynne, perhaps in July or August. If that is indeed the case, we may get a tease of it this coming month.

Roxanne may surprisingly beat Jordynne clean. Before fans can dwell much on the outcome, however, Giulia could make her debut by walking to the ring. From there, she could make it clear that she's coming for Perez's prized title. From one big name from outside of WWE to another, it would be a major test for Roxanne.

#1. Gigi Dolin could turn heel and help Roxanne win, forming an alliance

Gigi Dolin is an underrated WWE performer. She has been with the sports entertainment juggernaut for several years now, but she has only truly found success as a member of the Toxic Attraction faction.

Once she split from Jacy Jayne and Mandy Rose, Gigi has been spinning her wheels. Dolin recently started a story with Arianna Grace, but it has seemingly been dropped with no explanation given. She is lost in the shuffle in WWE.

That could change at NXT Battleground. Gigi may shockingly cost The Juggernaut the win and help Roxanne pick up a big victory. This would then lead to Dolin and Perez uniting. Who knows, the duo could even potentially bring in a third performer to make it a new heel stable.