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Matt Hardy talks about being TNA's best representative, his career, current schedule, more

Ratish Menon
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Matt Hardy – Still going strong

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, TNA Wrestling’s Matt Hardy spoke about his career, how surprised he is being in the position that he is after a long career in wrestling and more, in preparation for his match against EC3 for the TNA title. 

On being in a TNA title match at this stage of his career

Matt Hardy, the older of the Hardy brothers, isn’t one to miss out on the importance of being in the position that he is, after such a long career. “Obviously my brother and I have been very successful, but I still have a passion to be as good as I can be. I realize after 24 years that it's hard to be as athletic as I used to be, but I feel like I have a lot of mileage in the tank.”

Hardy views this Full Metal Mayhem article as an opportunity to make people realise how good he still is, despite being a month shy of turning 40. He is also not short of confidence when it comes to being a probable candidate of carrying the company’s flag. “I feel like no one can represent TNA better than I can right now" he says.

Did he see being a top star and still continuing to wrestle into his 40s’?

The Hardys have had a long career, and a lot of the times, they wrestled a pretty high-intensity style too. Considering that, Matt considers himself to be fortunate that he can still walk and wrestle the way he does. “The veterans who watched our matches said we wouldn't be able to walk by the time we were 35. It was very scary.” says Hardy, who is a veteran himself in the business now. 

His motivation to do what he does? Passion for the business and the drive to be the best Matt Hardy he can be. “I really just try to work hard and stay passionate about things. I'm very lucky, I think."

What makes him still want to wrestle the ‘Hardy style’ even now and did he see it happening?

Hardy knows the struggles he has had to go through to keep up with the challenging style he maintains, but maintains that while his schedule in TNA is a lot easier compared to the schedule in the WWE, sometimes even TNA TV can be gruelling for the battle-tested veteran.

“These TNA TVs are a little challenging sometimes because we have several days back-to-back. We did that recently. It was aggressive and tough for me. As soon as I was done, I'd get back to the room and sleep for an hour, then I'm up training, stretching, staying in survival mode. “ The reason Matt feels he is able to maintain his style even now is because he chose to make wrestling his lifestyle around which he built his schedule. 

Matt Hardy is scheduled to face EC3 in a Full Metal Mayhem match on TNA tonight.

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