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The meaning behind WWE Superstar Seth Rollins' tattoos

Find out what Seth Rollins
Find out what Seth Rollins' tattoos mean
Israel Lutete
Modified 06 Apr 2021

WWE Superstars depict their personalities in different ways through their ring attire, theme song, and armory of moves. Some stars even go the extra mile of getting a permanent stamp on their body that not only defines their character, but it also provides an insight into who they really are in their personal lives.

Many wrestlers get tattoos to express their feelings and ideas, pay tribute to a special person, or commemorate an important date or accomplishment. Some people in society believe that tattoos make a person look fierce, while others are completely against the idea of getting inked.

Stars such as Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar would look completely different without their tats, while other stars such as John Cena and Kane would look strange with ink all over their body.

While tattoos are considered a norm in WWE today, there used to be a stigma attached to it in the past. Mark Calaway, who plays The Undertaker in WWE, was warned not to get tattoos by the higher-ups and almost had his push ended after he went ahead with getting tats.

The company now recognizes tattoos and even had a show on the WWE Network called Superstar Ink hosted by Corey Graves which featured wrestlers explaining the meaning and backstory behind their tattoos. Although some tats are simply just symbols with no apparent meaning, other stars have a hidden meaning behind theirs.

This includes multi-time WWE World Champion Seth Rollins. Many fans have often wondered what the markings on his back meant and where they originated. Let's take a detailed look at:

What do two of WWE star Seth Rollins' tattoos mean?

Seth Rollins is a major star in WWE. He has captured every top title from the Universal Championship to the United States Championship. He has also main evented WrestleMania, won the Royal Rumble match and was part of a renowned stable known as The Shield.

Seth Rollins, real name Colby Lopez, has two tattoos which are quite personal to him. The first tattoo he had done was the Bushido code down his spine. The second is the word "forever," which is tattooed on his wrist. Here's what they mean.

#1 'Bushido' tattoo


Bushido is a samurai code of honor, discipline and morality originating from Japan. The Bushido has 7 virtues, which are courage, integrity, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor, and loyalty.

Seth Rollins has the code tattooed on his back, and he revealed that it was the first tattoo he got. He explained that he got the idea for the tats from Tom Cruise’s movie The Last Samurai. He thought of it as a good message and a simple way for one to live their life.

#2 'Forever' tattoo

Seth Rollin
Seth Rollin's 'Forever' tattoo

Seth Rollins got this tattoo when he was 19. He explained that it is a remnant of a burning page with the word "forever" and it's a reminder of where he came from and the period in his when he started to focus on WWE.

And there you have it, the meaning behind two of WWE star Seth Rollins' tattoos.

Published 06 Apr 2021, 02:55 IST
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