Montez Ford defends Tag Team Title swap with New Day; says their rivalry isn't over [Exclusive]

Montez Ford says sometimes the easiest way, is the best way to go. Photo Credit WWE via WrestlingWorld
Montez Ford says sometimes the easiest way, is the best way to go. Photo Credit WWE via WrestlingWorld
Rick Ucchino

Sometimes, the easiest and most logical solution is the best solution. That's how Montez Ford views The Street Profits controversial swap of the WWE RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Titles with The New Day.

Back in October, the two main roster Tag Team Champions were drafted to opposite brands. As a result, WWE official Adam Pearce organized a swap where Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would become the RAW Tag Team Champions while Ford and Angelo Dawkins took control of the blue belts.

As entertaining as the segment was, it rubbed some fans the wrong way. Some went as far as to call it lazy booking that's not befitting of the those championships. Speaking to Sportskeeda ahead of this Sunday's WWE Tribute to the Troops special, Ford responded to this negativity:

"People would say, 'Well you know, that doesn't make any sense and this and that and the third.' And I was like, 'Well, how do they think Ted DiBiase became the WWE Champion?' Like, Andre the Giant won and he surrendered the title. That's just as much as swap as it is our Tag Team Titles."Β 

To be fair, DiBiase's "win" is not recognized by the WWE as an official title reign. It was discovered that "The Million Dollar Man" paid Andre to screw Hulk Hogan out of the title and then surrender it to him. As a result, President Jack Tunney vacated the title. DiBiase later lost the finals of a 14-man tournament to Randy Savage, thanks to Hulk Hogan.

Still, Ford makes a decent point. It's far from the most egregious booking we've seen in WWE. When it comes to booking, it's impossible please everyone. Well, few fans could complain about more New Day vs. Street Profits matches.

Montez Ford says the rivalry with The New Day isn't over

Prior to WWE Survivor Series, Ford called The Street Profits' bout with The New Day a dream match up. The SmackDown Tag Team Champions reigned supreme as the best of the best. A few weeks later, Ford says it still feels like dream.

"It's one of those things where I look back on it, I'm just like, I still can't believe it actually happened. Especially with everything that's happening this year and like all the limitations and stuff that people not only have gone through and been through, but for us to still... it happened, you know, it happened."

Montez Ford said their match with The New Day was everything he wanted and more. He also stated that he's still on cloud nine after being able to share the ring with two men he idolizes.

"Kofi Kingston, what he's done for like myself and becoming the WWE Champion... for Xavier Woods to just be a staple and a genius in his creative tag team genius and ring work. And like, just stuff I watched and idolized, and what motivated me to get here. You know? These guys are pretty much an inspiration. And to be standing across the ring from them and share, like the Survivor Series, another big and huge historic stage, like it's mind-blowing."
Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in WWE NXT
Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in WWE NXT

While The New Day and Street Profits are on separate brands at the moment, Montez Ford says he still feels like there are more battles ahead. He remained hopeful that the match up at WWE Survivor Series won't be the last one between these two teams.

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