New stable forming alongside male main roster star - 4 Directions for Blair Davenport following her return to WWE

Blair Davenport was shockingly revealed to be WWE NXT
Blair Davenport was shockingly revealed to be WWE NXT's mysterious attacker

WWE NXT got a major talent upgrade on the latest episode. In fact, the women's division may never be the same again, as Blair Davenport has officially arrived on NXT.

Blair isn't entirely new to World Wrestling Entertainment. She was part of the NXT UK brand before it shutting down, but an unfortunate leg injury caused her to miss out on part of her run there. She briefly appeared on NXT for Worlds Collide last year but disappeared shortly after.

Davenport was revealed to be the mysterious attacker who's been viciously assaulting various stars over the past several months, many of whom had to withstand intense surgeries to recover.

What will Davenport do now that she's officially on NXT? What direction may her career take? Below are four directions for Blair Davenport following her return to WWE.

#4. She could feud with Roxanne Perez following the recent attack

Roxanne Perez
Roxanne Perez

Blair Davenport has attacked many names while under a mask and concealing her identity, but perhaps the most notable is Roxanne Perez. The assault came after the latter lost in the second round of the NXT Women's Championship Tournament.

Unfortunately for Blair, she didn't finish the job. While most women attacked by Blair have been put on the shelf, Roxanne is still active, which means she's likely to seek revenge.

Perez is no pushover, either. She's a former NXT Women's Champion and a former NXT Women's Tag Team Champion. While she's younger than Davenport, she has proven successful and tenacious.

#3. Blair Davenport could challenge Tiffany Stratton for the WWE NXT Women's Championship

Tiffany Stratton battled Lyra Valkyria for the vacant NXT Women's Championship at Battleground in Lowell, Massachusetts, leaving as a champion for the first time in her wrestling career.

Stratton recently announced a Women's Battle Royal where the winner could challenge her for the coveted title. Whether Blair is part of the bout or not, she could potentially have Stratton on her radar.

Blair was almost the NXT UK Women's Champion, seemingly poised to dethrone Meiko Satomura, but an injury prevented her from winning the gold. Knowing that the brand has the WWE NXT Women's Championship, Davenport will undoubtedly hope to finally win her first title.

#2. She could continue her vicious attacks on various roster members

As noted earlier, Blair Davenport has viciously assaulted female stars backstage, in the parking lot, and even at WWE NXT Live Events. Roxanne Perez is the most notable person to feel her wrath, but plenty of other superstars as well, including Dani Palmer, Sol Ruca, and even Nikkita Lyons.

Most fans likely expect the vicious assaults to stop now that Blair has returned to WWE programming and has revealed herself. However, the opposite could turn out to be true. Blair may attack even more superstars now that she doesn't need to cloak her identity.

Of course, doing so is much riskier now. She has a target on her back, and the NXT women's locker room is likely on the lookout. Still, the devious Davenport could stay one step ahead of everybody else.

#1. Blair could form a hacker stable with Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali

Blair Davenport wasn't the only big surprise on the latest edition of WWE NXT. Two main roster stars shockingly appeared with gold seemingly in their sights.

Baron Corbin attacked Carmelo Hayes, while the popular Mustafa Ali watched Wes Lee and Tyler Bate fight The Dyad. Ali, in particular, could end up being revealed as an associate of Blair's despite coming across as a babyface on his first night in.

Many have noticed that Blair's mysterious attacker gimmick was similar to Mustafa Ali's hacker gimmick from several years ago. It would make a lot of sense for Ali and Blair to be working together, hence such similarities in their respective storylines. The combination could lead to both taking over NXT and then the main roster.

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