27-year-old WWE star who had name changed recently seemingly selected to become a new champion

There might be a new champion in town soon
There might be a new champion in town soon

A 27-year-old WWE star appears to have grabbed an opportunity that presented itself and now may soon become a new champion if things go right for her. The star recently had her name changed as well, and while not well known by WWE fans on the main roster, she goes by Karmen Petrovic in NXT. Chelsea Green has now retweeted her "audition" to be her partner and possible new tag team titleholder.

Karmen Petrovic is still new on the scene in WWE. She was one of WWE's latest recruits in the Performance Center. She was originally Monika Klisara before her name and look were recently changed to Karmen Petrovic, with her changing her dress up as well.

Recently, Green opened up the Chelsea's Got Talent auditions to find a new tag partner and possibly replace Sonya Deville to become the champion in the latter's absence after her injury.

When Karmen sent in her submission, Green posted the video, saying "YES" immediately. While not official, that sounds as close to accepting a new partner as she has come since the auditions started.

In the video, Karmen said that they had both left Canada in hopes of chasing their dreams. She said that she could help Green keep her titles. She also listed her experience winning gold medals and representing the Canadian national team in karate.

She also volunteered to deal with any manager that Green had any trouble with.

While it appears Green has selected Karmen, it remains to be seen if this reflects on the show as well. The upcoming episodes of SmackDown and RAW might reveal more about what's next for the women's tag team titles and if Karmen has stepped up to ally with Green.