37-year-old former champion says WWE exploited her family 

The former star was not happy with what happened
The former WWE star was not happy with what happened

A former superstar has spoken up about her time in WWE and has pointed out one moment in particular that made her feel like the company was exploiting her. Alicia Fox spoke up about how the company's use of her family in Total Divas didn't sit right with her.

Fox confirmed recently this May that she was no longer a part of WWE.

In a live Twitch stream, she spoke up about her time in the company. Alicia shared stories of how certain superstars made fun of her at a vulnerable time, naming Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.

She has now also spoken up about her time on the Total Divas reality show, when her family's drinking issues were brought to light and focused on. The former WWE Divas Champion was not okay with it and felt like her family was being exploited but still went along with it. She would then have to go on the podcast of another one of the women and then cry about her issues.

“I’ve also experienced this Total Diva living and reality and trying to pay my bills. Yeah, sure, I’ll do a storyline about my family and exploit them and their drinking problems. No problem. Then I’ll go cry in another diva’s podcast.” (h/t F4WOnline)

Fox has now returned to the indies and is set to make an appearance on July 15, 2023, for Booker T's Reality of Wrestling.

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