39-year-old former WWE Superstar gives a throwback to special match; claims it helped him immensely after release

Former WWE star gets nostalgic about a big turning point in his career
Former WWE star gets nostalgic about a big turning point in his career

WWE has been home to several great superstars. While many talented names fight in other promotions now, few have made an impact as big as a former 39-year-old champion. After leaving the Stamford-based promotion in 2020, he recalled a particular moment in his career.

Matt Cardona, who was known by his ring name Zack Ryder on WWE, has become a major star in the indie circuit. Currently signed to the TNA, he held the United States, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Championship titles.

He recently posted a throwback tweet, referring to a special match that he fought just after his release.

“3 years ago…June 6, 2021…I gambled in Atlantic City…I debuted in @GCWrestling_.When I got released from @WWE, I knew I needed to change. I knew I needed to reinvent myself. I just needed the right opportunity. This was it. This one night led to the eventual deathmatch with @thekingnickgage that changed my career, my life, GCW, and independent wrestling,” said Cardona.

The video shows the former WWE star in a big black hooded outfit revealing himself to the crowd. The fans chanted his name, but with profanity, and Zack Ryder flipped the crowd back.

However, this moment later became the beginning point of his career refurbishing. While Cardona is now a big wrestler, he may need to reinvent himself once again due to a big change.

Former WWE champion faces potential danger to life

Several big superstars Unfortunately, Matt Cardona is fighting a battle not to become one of them.

He recently posted a health update on X, informing his fans about his absence at an upcoming event.

"I’ve been in the MAIN EVENT of this @GCWrestling_ PREMIUM LIVE EVENT for the past THREE years! It breaks my heart that I will not get to wrestle on the card this year and entertain the GCW Universe due to my life-threatening injury. HOWEVER, as GCW General Manager, I promise to deliver the greatest 2-night extravaganza in GCW history!"

While his absence would be disappointing, fans would hope that a PLE is all Matt Cardona loses out on due to his injury. It would be interesting to see him fully recover and return to doing what he loves.