59-year-old opens up about his close friendship with Vickie Guerrero (Exclusive)

Vickie Guerrero has appeared in several companies, including AEW and WWE
Vickie Guerrero has appeared in several companies, including AEW and WWE

Vickie Guerrero has been involved in the wrestling business ever since she debuted on WWE television in 2005. In an exclusive interview, wrestling legend Konnan revealed how he still has a great relationship with the former WWE on-screen authority figure.

Konnan was close friends with Vickie's late husband Eddie Guerrero before the WWE Hall of Famer passed away in 2005. The two worked together in AAA and WCW in the 1990s. They also traveled together outside of work.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter, Konnan opened up about how much Vickie still means to him. The 59-year-old also praised the work she did in his AAA wrestling promotion in 2021:

"She worked with FTR," Konnan said. "She was their manager. They came to Mexico a couple of times last year and she did an incredible job. I'm very close to Vickie because I've known her since before she married Eddie. This is how close me and Eddie were. She was like a cheerleader at a baseball team, and he used to go and pick her up and I would be riding with him because I'd spend the day with him when I went down to Juarez and cross the border to El Paso because we'd go train together and eat and stuff like that." [5:30 – 6:00]

Watch the video above to hear Konnan's honest thoughts on WCW's creative team forcing Rey Mysterio to unmask in 1999.

Konnan addresses Vickie Guerrero's family issues

In 2015, Vickie Guerrero married her second husband, Kris Benson. Sherilyn Guerrero, Eddie and Vickie's youngest daughter, alleged in April that Benson sexually assaulted her. The accusation gained widespread attention on social media, prompting Vickie to strongly deny the claims and threaten legal action against her daughter.

Konnan added that "there's always been turmoil" in the Guerrero family going back several generations. Regarding Sherilyn's accusation, he does not know who to believe:

"I heard that they got into a fight over something with his daughter, and who do you believe in that case, right?" Konnan continued. "Because nobody's gonna say, 'Hey, I was wrong,' or, 'I'm making this up,' or, 'It did happen.' Nobody's ever gonna say that. Everybody's always gonna give a cover story and defend themselves. Nobody knows really what happened unless you were there, so I don't wanna make an opinion because I have no clue what's happening, and I love Vickie to death." [6:46 – 7:16]

Konnan said he has never had a close relationship with Eddie and Vickie Guerrero's daughters, Shaul and Sherilyn. However, he will always have love for them due to his bond with Eddie.

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