79-year-old should return as Baron Corbin's new manager, WWE veteran says (Exclusive)

Baron Corbin does not currently have a manager in WWE
Baron Corbin does not currently have a manager in WWE

Vince Russo thinks Baron Corbin should become the new version of Andy Kaufman by wrestling women in WWE. As part of an elaborate storyline, the veteran writer would also like to see legendary manager Jimmy Hart return to television as Corbin's manager.

American entertainer Kaufman wrestled more than 400 women in the 1970s and 1980s. Later in his career, he formed an alliance with Hart while feuding with Jerry Lawler in Memphis. In 1984, the performance artist passed away at the age of 35 following a battle with cancer.

On Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing With Russo show, Russo said Corbin should win the 2023 Women's Money in the Bank ladder match before defeating Women's Champion Asuka. He also pitched an idea involving Hart and Bianca Belair:

"I'll go one step further with Baron Corbin," Russo said. "Bring in Jimmy Hart to manage him! Let Jimmy Hart be the mastermind behind it because Jimmy Hart was there with Kaufman through the whole thing. Let the story be that Jimmy Hart pitched it to Corbin. Bring him back with the megaphone right in Bianca Belair's face! Can you imagine that on SmackDown? See, bro, they don't do entertainment anymore. It's all so freaking serious." [10:39 – 11:17]

In March, Kaufman was posthumously inducted into the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame by Hart.


Watch the video above to hear Russo elaborate on why Asuka vs. Corbin would be a good idea.

Baron Corbin's recent WWE ups and downs

In 2022, Baron Corbin found a new on-screen ally in WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL). Although the partnership got off to a strong start, Corbin struggled to live up to his "Modern Day Wrestling God" moniker. In the storyline, JBL ended their association after growing frustrated with his associate's disappointing in-ring displays.

Corbin was not selected in the 2023 WWE Draft after WrestleMania 39, meaning he can appear on multiple shows. The former United States Champion is currently feuding with Cameron Grimes on SmackDown and Carmelo Hayes on NXT.

On June 27, Corbin will challenge Hayes for the NXT Championship on the second night of NXT Gold Rush.

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