'I know someday, I will get my justice' - Alberto Del Rio on what's hindering a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction (Exclusive)

Alberto Del Rio thinks he is certainly worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame
Alberto Del Rio thinks he is certainly worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame
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The WWE Hall of Fame is a club for the creme-de-la-creme of sports entertainment. The league of the very best. And with his World Championships, Money in the Bank cash-in, and Royal Rumble victory, some may argue that Alberto Del Rio deserves the prestigious ring.

That said, he is yet to win over the court of public opinion. His ex-girlfriend accused him of sexual assault in May 2020. Despite all of the charges being dropped in 2021, Del Rio believes that there is a section of the crowd unwilling to see the truth.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Del Rio elaborated upon what may be stopping him from getting a Hall of Fame induction:

"People need to stop being stubborn or ignorant. And if you want to see the truth, it's out there. Not just said by me but by the most important departments of investigation in the United States that are telling you, this man never did absolutely anything. It was just one person, horrible person affecting his life. That's it. Leave him alone. So, one day I'm gonna be there." (02:57 - 03:36)

Alberto Del Rio then detailed what a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction would look like. A family-oriented man, Del Rio wants those close to him to be around when he goes in:

"I would love to be there and walk into the scenario and just grab the microphone and from the top, look at my dad, my mom, my beautiful children, my girlfriend, my family, and to finally put an end to this amazing career with my name out there in the stars with the legends of our sport. I know one day it will happen. Of course, the decision is not mine. But I know someday, I will get my justice." (03:45 - 04:17)

Hear it straight from the Pride of Mexico in the video below:


Is Alberto Del Rio worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame thanks to his accomplishments?

Alberto Del Rio has won the WWE Championship twice and the World Heavyweight Championship on two occasions as well. As has been detailed before, he has also won the Royal Rumble and a Money in the Bank contract. On top of that, he is a two-time WWE United States Champion.

Gracias a @rdore2000 y @SKWrestling_ por la entrevista. Échenle un ojo.…

Del Rio's accolades are undeniable, but his potential induction may ultimately depend on how many bridges have been burned. If things are indeed smoothed over in due time, there's no question that Del Rio could be a part of the prestigious league known as the WWE Hall of Fame.

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