Andrade reveals backstage jealousy towards Charlotte Flair; a talent took her photo while changing in the locker room

Andrade (left); Charlotte Flair (right)
Andrade (left); Charlotte Flair (right)
Vatsal Rathod
Modified 30 Mar 2021

Former WWE Superstar Andrade has made some massive revelations about backstage heat and jealousy from WWE talent towards his fiance Charlotte Flair.

Speaking with Lucha Libra Online, the former United States Champion revealed that there is a lot of jealousy towards Charlotte Flair and many superstars complain about Flair getting opportunities. Andrade also claimed that only three or four female superstars in WWE can wrestle for 20 minutes.

"I have a lot of information but I don't to cause trouble for her. I can say that I don't know exactly that it was because of me that they removed her but there is a lot of jealousy towards her. There are a lot of female wrestlers in WWE but only 3 or 4 can wrestle for 20 minutes. A lot of them complain about her getting the opportunities."

Andrade also revealed a disturbing incident backstage when someone took a photo of Charlotte Flair while she was changing in the locker room.

"She's had problems backstage. One time someone took a photo of her when she was changing. We know who but she didn't want to say anything and WWE didn’t know about it."

Andrade further disclosed that many in the locker room look at Flair as just the daughter of Ric Flair and many also say that she works stiff.

"They have a lot of jealousy towards her. They look at her as just the daughter of Ric Flair. I know she's a good wrestler and she has earned her spot in WWE. There is a lot of jealousy. After matches, a lot of people say she works stiff." H/T:

Charlotte Flair's status for WrestleMania 37

Charlotte Flair has arguably been one of WWE's biggest stars in the last few years. A record 12-time women's champion, The Queen has already had a Hall-of-Fame-worthy career. However, there is a lot of uncertainty currently regarding her WrestleMania 37 status.


Charlotte Flair revealed that she has been missing from WWE TV recently due to her testing positive for COVID-19. There were reports that she would appear on SmackDown last week to start a WrestleMania feud but that didn't happen. It is highly unlikely that WWE won't use her on the WrestleMania card if she is cleared to compete.

Who do you think Charlotte Flair would face at WrestleMania 37? Comment down and let us know your thoughts and predictions.

Published 30 Mar 2021, 19:37 IST
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