Asuka continues to tease old cryptic character from outside her time in WWE

Asuka is currently on a break from WWE.
Asuka is currently on a break from WWE

Former RAW Women's Champion Asuka is on a roll as her continuous social media posts tease her past in-ring character Kana to enter the WWE verse.

Her old gimmick – the murder clown, Kana, has a much more mysterious and terrifying persona than The Empress of Tomorrow currently has in the company.

With her hard-hitting, technical in-ring style and creepy face paint, Princess Kana achieved major success in Japan and became an international star.

Asuka is currently on hiatus from WWE programming as she returned to Japan in search of presumably her cryptic character from outside the company.

However, there are currently dozens of images and cryptic messages teasing her return to her roots.

Earlier today, the 41-year-old veteran posted a yet another ambiguous tweet wherein she cross-marked her Kana character photo. The former Raw Women's Champion stated that there's no need for fans to read between the lines.

"There's nothing there," Asuka wrote.

You can check out her tweet below:

There's nothing there.

Why is Asuka looking to bring her Kana character to WWE?

It remains to be seen whether the former RAW Women's Champion is channeling her old persona to gain momentum at this stage in her career. Still, following her loss to Rhea Ripley last Monday, the former RAW Women's Champion took to Twitter to announce that she will be "on a trip for a while." It was followed by a similar tweet that included emojis of various bugs and insects.

Aside from being on the winning team in the Survivor Series WarGames match, Asuka has had a string of losses at both televised and WWE live events in recent weeks.

Verstossen sei auf ewig,Verlassen sei auf ewig,Zertrümmert sei'n auf ewigAlle Bande der Natur.Disowned may you be forever,Abandoned may you be forever,Destroyed be foreverAll the bonds of nature.

With her recent losing woes, the WWE creative may set her up for a character change. Since forming The Kabuki Warriors with Kairi Sane, The Empress of Tomorrow has not portrayed a heel character in WWE.

Something drastic is definitely going on inside the 41-year-old's head. It remains to be seen whether she'll bring back her killer clown gimmick to spice things up and hopefully get herself back in the win column that will be revealed soon.

Do you want to see The Empress of Tomorrow bring her former Kana character to WWE? Sound off in the comments section below.

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