Backstage notes on upcoming Matt Riddle and Baron Corbin rivalry [Exclusive]

Matt Riddle and Baron Corbin are set to clash on SmackDown going forward
Matt Riddle and Baron Corbin are set to clash on SmackDown going forward

Following Matt Riddle's explosive arrival on SmackDown, it should come as no surprise that The Original Bro's first lengthy rivalry on the Blue brand was always scheduled to be Baron Corbin. After all, the pair do have history. However, Sportskeeda can exclusively reveal details on the feud, including how King Corbin only recently found out the plan for the pair and was pretty unhappy about it.

Matt Riddle vs Baron Corbin

Tonight's episode of SmackDown saw Baron Corbin's streak of bad luck continue. Ever since breaking a mirror at Money In The Bank, the former United States Champion has found himself on the losing side of every bout, and that culminated tonight in a loss to Jeff Hardy, followed by a beatdown from Big E, Braun Strowman and Matt Riddle respectively.

There is history between Corbin and Riddle, with the former eliminating the latter in both the traditional Survivor Series Match and this year's Royal Rumble.

Well, sources within WWE have revealed to me how Matt Riddle has known for several months that he would be working with Corbin upon his arrival to SmackDown, while the former Mr Money In The Bank only found out last week.

I'm told Corbin was unhappy with the plan and insisted that Matt Riddle should have to beat five enhancement talents before getting the chance to face him.

Matt Riddle discusses his Royal Rumble appearance

Back in May, I had the chance to chat with The Original Bro while Riddle was still in NXT, where he told me all about his appearance in the Royal Rumble, the rumours of "backstage heat" and if there's any truth to them, among other things. You can read that here or watch the video below.


We, at Sportskeeda, will keep you updated with any developments.

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