Matt Riddle discusses The Broserweights, 'backstage heat', Goldberg & more [Exclusive]

Matt Riddle opened up about a variety of topics
Matt Riddle opened up about a variety of topics
Gary Cassidy

Matt Riddle may just be one of the most enigmatic Superstars on WWE television right now - which is a stark contrast to the man in person.

From rumoured backstage heat to winning the NXT Tag Team Championships, The Original Bro is never far away from the headlines - for better or for worse - but the enigma is surprising, given Riddle is one of the most open, honest people you could ever speak with.

Following up on our chat from right before NXT went live on the USA Network last September, I had the chance to catch up with the King of Bros again just days ago, to chat all about his run in NXT thus far, the Broserweights, the Newly-Bros show, and of course those rumours of backstage heat.

You can watch the entire interview below, or read on for a transcript.

Hey, Matt! It's been a while. How's it going today?

Pretty good, bro. How you doing, Gary?

I'm not too bad. It's 3am here, but I couldn't be better as I'm chatting to Matt Riddle.

You're too kind. Too kind, bro.

Last time we spoke, NXT was just about to air on the USA Network - so there's only one place I can start, The Newly-Bros Show! Man, that may end of being one of my all-time favourite segments. Yourself, Timothy Thatcher and Byron Saxton were incredible! Can I just ask, who came up with that, and how much creative input did you have?

Well, I think the good thing, the writing team at NXT at this point, because they've worked with me for about a year or so since I got there - I've been there about two years now - and you know, at first, when they'd write something for me, it wasn't really my words because they didn't really know who I was.

Now that they've met me, they know me, we've been doing business together for about two years now, I feel like they can really write well for me and they know how I'd react or how I could react in certain situations. So, you know, a lot of it was written but, at the same time, you know, they do let me be me. And they know who they're writing for, and I think that's one of NXT's strengths - they look at the wrestlers' strengths and then they use it.

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