Baron Corbin responds to criticism on Twitter, slams fan for trying to teach him 'Heat'

Baron Corbin was responding to some criticism from WWE fans on Twitter (Pic:
Baron Corbin was responding to some criticism from WWE fans on Twitter (Pic:
Pawas Kumar
Modified 14 May 2020

Baron Corbin is not known for taking criticism well. Corbin took shots at some WWE fans on Twitter recently and shut down a critic who was trying to explain 'heat' to one of his supporters. It happened as Corbin was responding to some criticism from WWE fans on Twitter. 

The whole exchange started as a fan responded to WWE's tweet on next Monday's non-title match between Baron Corbin and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre saying they "will try not to fall asleep" during the match.

Corbin hit back at the fan with a screenshot of his display picture. He captioned the photo with, "Sweet cartilage piercing".

It seemed that another fan did not like Corbin's response and took shots at Corbin's appearance, as Corbin is known to do the same to fans on social media.

The fan wrote, "Legit question for @BaronCorbinWWE. Does he in any way, shape, or form believe he ACTUALLY looks good thus allowing him to mock other peoples appearances? Sure seems like throwing stones in a homely, bald, skinny-fat, oddly shaped bodied home for personality-less trust fund geeks"

Corbin responded in the same way - by posting a screenshot of the fan's photo.

"Dang I can see why you're mad," Corbin captioned the photo. 

Then another fan joined in the war of words and wrote to Corbin, "Nice try at Whataboutism. Joe isn't on international TV. You are and look like a f--king idiot. Not in a 'good heel', but in who did you suck off to get on TV? You are not got good at your job."

At this point, another fan defended Corbin and said, "It's literally his job to make you hate him. Looks to me like he's actually pretty damn good at it"

The fan with the "whataboutism" comment responded to this. "Learn the difference between good heel heat and go away/turn the channel heat," he wrote.

King Corbin Hits Back

Corbin joined back the conversation and hit back at the fan telling him he "really knows nothing".

"Truth is you dont actually know. You think BC you sit behind a computer dropping @Doritos crumbs on your self reading the internet you know. You've never actually experienced anything to understand. Just bc your butthurt about what others are doing does not give you credibility," Corbin responded.

King Corbin was part of the Money in the Bank main event that finished-off at the roof of the WWE Headquarters. One of the most compelling moment of the event was when King Corbin threw Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio from the roof of the WWE Headquarters.

Corbin came close to winning the briefcase and the contract inside. The King was involved in the finish of the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder match that saw him and AJ Styles playing tug of war over the briefcase on top of the ladder. 

Elias, who's been feuding with Corbin, then made a surprise appearance and bashed The King with his guitar. Corbin fell to the floor and the briefcase, for a brief moment anyway, was in possession of the Phenomenal One before he dropped it into the waiting arms of Otis - who was declared the official winner.

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Published 13 May 2020
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