Baron Corbin thanks top AEW star for supporting him during rough times

Baron Corbin thanked MJF in a heartfelt message
Baron Corbin thanked MJF in a heartfelt message

Baron Corbin and AEW star MJF had a friendly exchange on Twitter.

The WWE Superstar's rough has patch ended, but he hasn't forgotten those who were by his side when he lost everything. MJF was a notable name who extended a helping hand to Corbin, and both stars recently had an interesting exchange on Twitter.

Baron Corbin dubbed New Jersey the absolute worst in response to MJF's tweet about visiting the place. MJF asked Corbin how he's doing now, who replied that he's doing well and thanked him for his offer to help. Corbin also had some advice for MJF:

"… I really have to go to New Jersey?," MJF tweeted.
"It’s the absolute worst!," Baron Corbin replied through a tweet.
"How you holding up buddy? Heard you won big!," MJF asked.
"Amazing! I’m back in the money! Thanks for offering to help when I was in need. Also Don’t let anyone in NJ touch you the smell will never come off [sic]," Corbin wrote.

MJF and Baron Corbin are two of the most hated figures in pro-wrestling

MJF is currently on his way to becoming a megastar in All Elite Wrestling. He has been handled well by AEW from the very beginning, and has already had a bunch of memorable feuds on the promotion. MJF is an excellent heel, and it's safe to assume that he's a future AEW World Champion.

As for Corbin, things finally got better when he went to Vegas for SummerSlam 2021 and made loads of money. Not long ago, MJF had offered to help Corbin:

"Baron I normally don’t loan money to poors but if you need any help I’m here for you….with interest, of course," tweeted MJF.

Clearly, Baron Corbin still remembers MJF's gesture. It would be interesting to see how WWE handles "Happy Corbin".

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Edited by Vishal Kataria
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