"Best Royal Rumble ever"- WWE fans react to three-time Divas Champion possibly returning after seven years

Royal Rumble will take place later this year!
Royal Rumble will take place later this year!

Wrestling fans from all around the world took to social media to share their thoughts on AJ Lee's (real name April Jeanette Mendez) potential return to WWE.

The 35-year-old was a part of the Stamford-based promotion for nearly six years. She signed her contract in 2009 and competed on NXT for a couple of years. Lee then moved to the main roster in 2011 and quickly rose to the top. She went on to win the Divas Championship thrice before departing the company in 2015.

AJ has stayed away from the squared circle since her departure from WWE. She is currently an executive producer and color commentator for Women of Wrestling.

Recently, Twitter user @reigns_era pondered about the former champion's return to her old hunting ground at the Royal Rumble event this year. Many fans shared their thoughts on the potential return in replies.

Embedded below are a few of the fans' reactions:

Could you imagine if this happens
@reigns_era Did AJ and Sasha ever face each other? That would be epic.
@ynot433 @reigns_era Vince was the one who told her she can come back anytime
It would make my year, not even joking but I know it's probs not gonna happen but I really wish it would! 😭😭😭#WWE #AJLee…
@reigns_era Best royal Rumble ever
@reigns_era Unless C.M. Punk is allowed back in the WWE, I don't see A.J. Lee-Brooks coming back at all .
I would cry πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ I LOVE her…
@reigns_era Would be absolutely insane unfortunately just don't ever see It happening unless punk ever returns to wwe
this is all I’ve ever wanted…
@reigns_era If triple h manages this, I just really hope Vince ain't on a destruction path
@reigns_era I wish it would happen
Everything in my life will be fulfilled and I can pass away peacefully…
@reigns_era I'd lose my mind
@THEECIARAA @reigns_era It is. People thought Victoria wasn’t going to return and look what happened

AJ Lee shares a close relationship with current WWE star Bayley

AJ Lee was one of the most prominent members of WWE's women's division during her time in the company. She was a vital part of the 'Women's Revolution.' She even openly criticized the promotion's treatment of its female wrestlers, stating they received only a fraction of the wages and screen time of their male counterparts.

While the three-time Divas Champion may not be a part of WWE anymore, she is still close friends with several former and current stars. Lee opened up about her relationship with Bayley last year during The Sessions with Renee Paquette:

"There are these people who are so popular and I'm, like, who will explain to me, like, give me a quick history. So I'm learning and it's been really inspiring to see how far it's [pro wrestling] come. Luckily, one of my great wrestling friends is Bayley and she has always kept me in a loop. God, Pam is like the greatest. She really is [a magical person]. She's my unicorn. I've always checked in with her, so I've kind of known stuff just through her over the years."
Bayley looks back at 9 year anniversary of her match with AJ Lee

AJ Lee last competed inside the squared circle in March 2015. The following month, she announced her retirement from the in-ring competition stating that she had permanent damage to her cervical spine and that the fulfillment of her goals led to the decision. However, many formerly retired stars have returned to the squared circle in the past, and therefore, one cannot completely rule out Lee's return.

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