"Better than Hogan slamming Andre"- Twitter erupts as Rhea Ripley bodyslams 290lbs male WWE star on RAW

Rhea Ripley is a member of WWE RAW roster!
Rhea Ripley is a member of WWE RAW roster!

WWE fans from all around the world shared their thoughts on Rhea Ripley's amazing feat of strength on RAW that saw her effortlessly pick up Luke Gallows to deliver a bodyslam.

This week's edition of Monday Night RAW featured a singles match between Karl Anderson and Finn Balor as part of the ongoing rivalry between the two groups. Once again, Rhea was the difference maker between the two groups as she neutralized Gallows by slamming him outside the ring.

The Eradicator then went on to deliver a low blow to Anderson, which resulted in Balor picking up the victory.

Ripley's "Slam Heard Around The World" has been a major talking point among wrestling fans since RAW. Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the incident. Embedded below are a few of the many fans' reactions:

Rhea Ripley just slammed Luke Gallows 😭
Rhea Ripley actually carried and slammed Luke Gallows WTFFF SHE BULIT DIFF BRO. 🀯🀯🀯 #WWERAW
Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley are the strongEST women in the WWE ever! #WWERaw
Mami is on a level of her own you’ve been warned πŸ˜ˆβš–οΈπŸ’ͺ🏼@RheaRipley_WWE…
I love this body slam moment by Rhea Ripley. She's a beast and such as a badass. It's incredible how she body slammed a near 300 pound man with ease. Also, why is WWE afraid of doing intergender matches nowadays? Impact Wrestling does it so why not WWE and AEW?…
I think it's clear that the solution to the problem is not a woman, it's time for Randy to work…
This is the highlight of the show this week and it’s not even close #WWERaw…
Put all the titles on Rhea Ripley #WWERaw
We are not worthy of Rhea Ripley.

Vince Russo slammed Rhea Ripley's spot on WWE RAW

While Rhea Ripley's amazing display of strength may have been the talking point of the wrestling world, it did not sit well with Vince Russo.

The former WWE head writer stated on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW that Ripley slamming the male star only earned her cheers from the crowd, contrary to what a heel should be doing.

"Rhea Ripley slamming Luke Gallows, that's a babyface move. For a woman to bodyslam a guy, that's not heat. People are gonna cheer that. That's not heat," said Vince Russo.

You can check out the entire edition of Legion of RAW below:


The Eradicator has proved to be the deciding factor in the ongoing feud between The Judgment Day and The O.C. She also helped Dominik secure a victory over AJ Styles last week.

However, Gallows assured Styles and Anderson that he's got a solution to the problem in a backstage segment.

The segment seemed to hint that The O.C. could be recruiting a female wrestler to even the odds with The Judgment Day. The two factions will square off in a six-man tag team match at the WWE Crown Jewel Premium Live Event on November 5.

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