'It made him look non-monstrous' - Hall of Famer slams Braun Strowman's segment on WWE SmackDown (Exclusive)

Braun Strowman was taken down by Otis recently on SmackDown
Braun Strowman was taken down by Otis recently on SmackDown

Braun Strowman has been portrayed as an unstoppable powerhouse monster throughout his WWE run. As a result, Hall of Fame journalist Bill Apter wasn't a fan of seeing Otis pick him up and slam him to the mat.

On last week's episode of the blue brand, Strowman destroyed Maximum Male Models but was picked up and slammed by the 'tree trunk.' However, he got up soon after, completely no-selling the impact of the power move. But according to Apter, the damage had been done by then.

Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda Wrestling, this is what our esteemed Senior Editor had to say:

"If Braun Strowman is indeed a monster among men, why have him be put to the mat by Otis? It made him look non-monstrous," said Apter.

Apter stressed that Strowman has only been in WWE for a limited period since his return, so he needs to be protected. They have to rebuild him as a top star once again:

"In rebuilding Braun, this should not happen. He needs to be totally invulnerable at this point," he added.

Catch the SmackDown segment below:

EC3 reacted to his old friend Braun Strowman returning to WWE in a Sportskeeda Wrestling Exclusive

Following their WWE departure, EC3 and Braun Strowman formed a promotion entitled Control Your Narrative. Even though the latter has returned to work for Triple H, EC3 is happy for his friend.

Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda Wrestling, this is what he had to say:

"Congratulations, my friend, I am happy for you. I know you’re rooting for me, I’m rooting for you. That is life. Why would I be mad? Also, I’m creating a brand, a brand that’s gonna be bigger than one man. It’s not about Adam [Scherr, Strowman's real name], it’s not about me," EC3 said.

Check it out below:


The Monster Among Men could become a preeminent force in the following weeks and months. Here's what Apter had to say about his arrival.

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