Bobby Lashley invites new star to join the Hurt Business

Bobby Lashley as the WWE Champion on RAW
Bobby Lashley as the WWE Champion on RAW

Bobby Lashley has revealed that he would be interested in recruiting Gable Stevenson into the Hurt Business if the Olympian wanted to join WWE.

Bobby Lashley has been the most dominant force on RAW, aided by his manager MVP. The duo have managed to scale to the top of the red brand, taking down formidable opponents like Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston. But come SummerSlam, Bobby Lashley will face perhaps the biggest match of his career.

In an exclusive interview with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling, the WWE Champion spoke about the prospects of Olympic sensation Gable Stevenson joining the WWE.

Bobby Lashley mentioned that Stevenson has two options for him – WWE or UFC. The All-Mighty assured that if Gable Stevenson joined the WWE, Lashley could recruit him into the Hurt Business, refine him and maybe put a title on him.

“He has so much potential that he can do whatever he wants to do right now. So I got to take my hat off because I watched him at the Olympics and he looked incredible. I'm not trying to pull him this way because he is young. He is 21 years old, he can go fight if he wants to and get that out of the system. That might be his call. If he does come to WWE, the smartest way for him to do is give me a call and maybe we can get him into The Hurt Business and help his career. If he comes to WWE and is not part of The Hurt Business then he is gonna fall like anybody else and be a second range guy. That's his options, either come to WWE and join The Hurt Business and we can ensure him that he is gonna be in the right place, in the right hands or he can go to UFC and to try his hand out there,” Lashley said.

Bobby Lashley talks about one match with Stone Cold

Bobby Lashley featured on the Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold this past week, where he mentioned some of his dream opponents. Lashley said he would like to face Stone Cold if the Texas Rattlesnake has one more match left in him.

While a match against Stone Cold may be unlikely, Bobby Lashley will have his hands full with Goldberg this Saturday at SummerSlam.

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