Booker T reveals his top five WWE Superstars

Booker T has listed his five best Superstars in the WWE
Booker T has listed his five best Superstars in the WWE
Nithin Joseph

Booker T recently revealed his top five favorite WWE Superstars right now via his podcast the Hall of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore. Booker gave his reasons for every one of his picks based on the abilities and current status of each of the Superstars with the company.

Booker T's top four was a mix of superstars from WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown. Names like Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens, and Roman Reigns all made the cut.

"I’m going to put Drew McIntyre in there at number 5. Coming in at number 4, I really like what Bobby Lashley is doing. I want Bobby to be able to move to the next phase as far as beating up the upper tier guys to get to that upper level. Kevin Owens is always on my favorite five because Kevin is one of those guys who is grinding and is always trying to better himself in every way, at home as well as on the job. Coming in at 2 is Roman Reigns. Roman has come back and his big rise to being the tribal chief has definitely sparked the wrestling world. Now Roman Reigns is looked at as a totally different person." H/t

Booker T was impressed with how Lashley has been performing recently on Monday Night RAW, but still wants to see more out of him. King Booker even took to Twitter to praise the United States Championship as he reminisced over a match he had with him way back in 2006.

Booker T's number one WWE Superstar is Sami Zayn

Surprisingly, Booker T credited Sami Zayn as his favorite WWE Superstar at the moment. Booker believes that Zayn has the knowledge, the ability, and the know-how to do his job to be a top guy in any company.

"Coming in at number 1 is Sami Zayn. I wish I had 10 Sami Zayn’s. I could build a great company around guys with that knowledge and that talent, and know how to do their job and do their job to the best of their ability until something better comes along. That’s the type of guy that Sami is. He is not looking to hang in the back. He is always the guy that is going to be raising his hand looking to get to the front of the class. If I could rally the troops for everyone to understand what a guy like Sami Zayn does. He makes it real to me. I can’t speak for everybody else but he makes it real for me from a perspective that being in the favorite five is a no-brainer. It really is." H/t

While Zayn isn't the number one guy in WWE right now, he's one of Booker T's favorites. Hopefully, WWE sees the same talent in Zayn and utilizes him to his full potential, and continues to bring out the best in the rest of Booker's top five.

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