Booker T says WWE shouldn't remove legend from the Hall of Fame after recent legal troubles

The legend isn't a fan of Hall of Fame removals.
The legend isn't a fan of Hall of Fame removals.
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Booker T is one of the most decorated superstars in wrestling, and two Hall of Fame inductions (individually and as a part of Harlem Heat) put him in elite territory. There have been calls to remove an ex-superstar from the WWE Hall of Fame, and the six-time world champion doesn't agree with the decision to do so.

The Hall of Famer in question, of course, is Sunny, aka Tammy Sytch. She was recently arrested (and released on bail) for an alleged DUI incident where she was supposedly responsible for the death of another person. Former WWE trainer Bill DeMott, who lost his own daughter in a DUI incident, and AEW star Mark Henry have called for her removal from the Hall of Fame.

On the latest episode of The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T was asked about the demands to remove Sunny from the hallowed halls. He said that removing her won't help in any way, and he doesn't support the decision to do so:

"As far as Tammy [Sunny] being removed from the [WWE] Hall of Fame, it's going to be one for debate. For me, I'm not looking for reasons to remove somebody from the WWE Hall of Fame, ok? That's just me personally. I don't think removing her from the WWE Hall of Fame is going to help her in any way. I don't even know what would be the meaning of it." (1:07:04-1:07:42)

Booker T explained how alcoholics (and drug addicts) know they're ruining their own lives but can't help themselves. He also went on to state that nobody would have been surprised if Sunny had passed away in the last few years:

"What's going on in her life right now, people can say what they want to say about it. But I do know alcoholism is something very difficult to kick. Drugs in general. I've been around drugs my whole life and I've seen it ruin people. The people using the drugs, they can see it ruining themselves as well and they still can't stop taking it... She's put herself through all of that stuff. If Sunny was one of the people who we would have lost in the last three years, nobody would be surprised. Not one person." (1:08:00-1:09:16)

You can watch the full episode of Booker T's Hall of Fame podcast below:


Should Sunny objectively be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame, or is Booker T right?

While Booker T's comments undoubtedly come from a good place, he didn't seem to undertake the fact that WWE's PR matters when it comes to the Hall of Fame.

When evidence emerged of Hulk Hogan's controversial comments, WWE didn't hesitate to remove him from the Hall of Fame. It was only after the controversy simmered down that he was eventually reinstated.

What 25 years can do to a person. Talk about fall from grace. #sunny

As for Sunny, not only is she a repeat offender, but she was also allegedly responsible for the death of another human being this time. It's tough to tell what WWE is thinking in this scenario. They constantly keep tabs on the controversies of their current and former employees.

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Do you think Sunny should be removed from the Hall of Fame? Or is Booker T's point of view correct? Sound off in the comments below.

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