Bret Hart recounts how Jake Roberts cheated him out of $1500

Bret Hart wasn't pleased with what transpired (Pic Source: AEW)
Bret Hart wasn't pleased with what transpired (Pic Source: AEW)
Karan Bedi

Jake Roberts is synonymous with controversy, intrigue, and tragedy. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts was a man possessed by addiction to drugs and alcohol which perhaps might have sent him to an early grave at one point in time. Thanks to friends like Diamond Dallas Page, he has now recovered and has been sober since.

His role in AEW is a testament that hard work pays off. But that doesn't mean that people forgot some of the antics Jake Roberts put others through, and Bret Hart was one of them.

Bret Hart said that Jake Roberts stole a stereo after Bret bought it from him

In Confessions of the Hitman, Bret Hart said that he has never been a fan of Jake Roberts and even said that Roberts sabotaged a match with The Undertaker. But while Hart didn't have a high opinion of Jake, there were roommates, as Jake lived with Hart for a little while.

Jake Roberts was moving out but couldn't take his stereo set with him and he offered to sell it to Bret Hart for $1500. The deal was done, but after that something unusual happened. Bret Hart was leaving to go to Edmonton, and Roberts stayed to pack up further. Hart left his house keys to lock up before he left and put it under the mat. Bret Hart said:

"By the time I got home, he had stolen the stereo that he just sold me for $1500. I never, never got the money back from him. But he totally ripped me off on that. Plus he phoned every promoter in every territory in the world from Japan and ran up a $2000 phone bill on me."

Jake Roberts cost Bret Hart $3500, and it's money that Bret Hart never got back. It's one of the more absurd stories in wrestling that is one for the history books.

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