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Bret Hart reveals his four favorite current WWE Superstars

Talk about Hart to Heart (Image courtesy: WWE)
Talk about Hart to Heart (Image courtesy: WWE)
Karan Bedi
Modified 19 Oct 2020, 20:18 IST

Bret Hart is the standard by which pro wrestlers are rated on. Others occupy that spot like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, The Rock, Sting, and a handful of others. But truth be told, Bret Hart came across as a fighting champion who was safe in the ring, who could have a good match with anyone, and tell a great story inside the squared circle.

On the Confessions of the Hitman, Bret Hart was asked about his thoughts on contemporary pro wrestling, and he responded that safety was the most important attribute a wrestler could have. Hart said this was an overlooked factor as people tend to gravitate to a wrestler's promo skills and look.

Hart believed that dangerous would be an apt description in today's wrestling landscape to describe some wrestlers who take great risks and could end up being injured. With that said, Hart said that some wrestlers could be trusted inside the ring.

Bret Hart names Daniel Bryan as an all-time great

Bret Hart heaped praise on AJ Styles and said he was someone he liked for a long time. He said: (H/T Wrestling Inc)

"I admire a lot of the younger [pro] wrestlers for their skill, and their talent, and whatnot," Hart explained. "Like, AJ Styles is someone I really like; I've liked him for a long time. I really like the way he works, and I think, like, I watch him do stuff and I go, 'I would be a little hesitant for someone to do a lot of the stuff he does, say, to me, but at the same time, I also know that he's a total pro and I would trust him."

Bret Hart named a few people on the current WWE roster that he liked and would trust working with them. He said:

"Randy Orton would be one. Edge would be another. AJ Styles is really good. Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest [pro] wrestlers ever, pound for pound. Like, he's just such a great artist in the ring. He has a great mind for [pro] wrestling."

Bret Hart calling Daniel Bryan as one of the all-time greats is not far off the mark. Bryan has always praised for his in-ring ability. After not wrestling for a couple of years, Daniel Byran's comeback was a testament to his fortitude, courage, and unwavering hope.

Published 19 Oct 2020, 20:18 IST
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